July 2015


2015 IDEA Group Fitness Trend Watch
Industry experts share insider information about programs, equipment and trends that are breaking the mold and shaping the future of group exercise.
ZIP Code Trumps Genetic Code In Determining Health
How fitness pros can help America’s most underserved communities.
The Science Of Suspension Exercise
Recent studies comparing suspension exercise to traditional resistance methods are uncovering intriguing results.
Building A Teaching Kitchen In A Studio
Why clients who are comfortable with cooking their own meals (with real food) stand a better chance of overcoming their dietary challenges.
Is Fitness Technology A 
Motivator Or A Distractor?
How are wearables, health apps and fitness-monitoring devices changing the way you motivate and inspire clients?
Mind-Body Personal Training
Is integrative training the way of the future?
Wear It Well
Sponsored Content: A Look at the summer's hottest trends in fitness clothing and footwear.
Fit To Travel
How to keep vacations, road trips and business meetings from fouling up our fitness strategies.
Profiles Of Pain And Perseverance
Industry professionals share how they overcame significant personal setbacks.
2015 IDEA World Fitness Awards Finalists
Outstanding fitness pros make a difference—person by person.


Food For Thought
The latest in nutrition news and science.

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fitness forum Fitness Prescription Works!
warm-up Staying On Top Of The Industry To Stay On Top Of Your Career
Making News
Connecting With Clients
Bridging the Gap: Technology expert Ted Vickey, MBS, believes health and fitness pros can enhance client accountability, motivation and insight by utilizing health technology and social media.
fitness handout Okinawa-Style Eating
idea fitnographic Top Reasons To Train In The Pool

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