February 2015


Thinking Outside The Gym Box
Back-to-basics training on obstacle courses invigorates a rising fitness trend.
How To Train Clients For The Workplace
Help "occupational athletes" stay strong and injury-free with ergonomics tips and safe, structured programs.

Personal Training

How One Man Lost More Than Half His Body Weight
Client Success Story: Working with a caring and compassionate trainer helped Josh get his life back.
3 Retention Secrets For Personal Trainers
Fitness Entrepreneur: Keep your clients with you for the long term.
Beyond Boomers: Training 70-and-Over Seniors
Senior Fitness: Older seniors have specific physical, functional and psychosocial needs that require your attention.
tricks of the trade “What Is The Most Effective Posture Tip You Give Clients?"


Food For Thought
The latest in nutrition news and science.
Food Fight: Clash Of The Nutrition Titans
Nutrition: In each pair, can you tell which of these healthful foods is the better choice?

Group Exercise

Top Five Cycling Class Etiquette Blunders
Skills & Drills: Learn how to manage participants' bad behavior with grace, ease and professionalism.
Three Self-Care Moves For Sleep
Ebb: After a vigorous class, help participants wind down with this self-myofascial-release sequence.
Sample Class: Add It Up!
Class Take-Out: Pair familiar strength training moves to create one powerful “mega move” that teaches functional strength in a safe and effective way.
Creative Ideas That Inspire
Buzz: Get members' hearts pumping with these high-intensity fusion classes.


Mind-Body-Spirit News
Wellness news and research from around the world.
Mind-Body Activities For Children
Inner IDEA: Do our kids need a sanctuary for inner and outer play?

In Every Issue

warm-up Training Your “Occupational Athletes” For Success
Making News
Rehabilitation Breakthroughs With Eccentric Training
Research: Applying force to lengthening muscle has broad benefits for the elderly and for people with chronic diseases, researchers are finding.
Enabling Success
Bridging the Gap: Michele Stanten helps nonexercisers to build self-efficacy, to believe in their ability to achieve physical success and to make meaningful behavior changes for better quality of life.
Four Web-Based Tools For Your Fitness Business
Fitness Technology: Apps and websites can boost your bottom line while improving engagement with clients.
fitness handout Exercise Yourself Happy
idea fitnographic Boost Your Immune System

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