December 2015


Thinking Outside The Gym Box
Back-to-basics training on obstacle courses invigorates a rising fitness trend.
Youth Athletics: Put Excitement Back Into Play
Shift your focus from the negative connotations of obesity to the positive life force of nontraditional sports training.
What’s The Best Diet For Me?
Learn about the eating plans your clients may be on or may be contemplating—and how to address the pros and cons of each.

Personal Training

Mental Toughness Techniques For Peak Performance
Ex Rx: Whatever their skill level, your clients and class participants will benefit from these powerful training tools.
Attentional Focus & Cuing
Ex Rx: Why Instructions Don’t Get Through to Your Clients—and How to Fix It.
Tips For Working
 With Older Caregivers
Senior Fitness: Flexibility and understanding are the watchwords for fitness professionals.

Group Exercise

Sample Class: Farmhand Fitness
Class Take-Out: Integrate these full-body movements into your class to boost functional strength and power.
How To Deal With Class Cliques
Skills and Drills: Sometimes high-school drama finds its way into the group exercise studio.
Coping With Instructor Burnout
Skills and Drills: Participants aren’t the only ones who need to take a break from time to time.


The Mental Aspects Of Chronic Pain
Inner IDEA: Teach your clients to break the cycle of pain by undoing bad mental habits.
Are Pilates And Yoga Right For Clients With Low Bone Density?
Inner IDEA: What are the best exercises for keeping bones and muscles strong as we age?
Mind-Body Personal Training
Inner IDEA: Is integrative training the way of the future?


Alzheimer’s And Diet
Nutrition: Answering client questions about nutrition and prevention.
Nutrition Coaching: A Primer For Health And Fitness Professionals
Nutrition: Nutrition: How to stay within scope of practice while using proven motivational techniques.
Supercheap Superfoods: Optimal Nutrition On A Shoestring Budget
Nutrition: Low-income clients deserve a chance to enjoy power-packed meals. Here’s how to help them out.


Is There A Right Or Wrong Way To Squat?
Research: Could the traditional advice for this exercise mainstay be leading your clients astray? Research provides answers.

Reciprocal Superset Training Burns More Calories
Research: Study presents options for time-pressed clients.
Rehabilitation Breakthroughs With Eccentric Training
Research: Applying force to lengthening muscle has broad benefits for the elderly and for people with chronic diseases, researchers are finding.

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