August 2015


How To Train Clients For The Workplace
Help "occupational athletes" stay strong and injury-free with ergonomics tips and safe, structured programs.
Playing Hurt
Is chronic pain something fitness professionals deny at their peril?
Social Media And Body Image: A Complicated Relationship
Unless fitness professionals use awareness and conscious action, #fitspo may be a "perfect storm" for negativity, comparison and self-loathing.

Personal Training

Raising The Bar
Ex Rx: Asymmetrical bar training uses rotation to boost balance, strength and power.
Concurrent Training Can Jeopardize Strength Gains
Ex Rx: Research explains why combining cardio and strength training in the same session can be counterproductive for athletes and conditioned fitness fans.
Beyond Boomers: Training 70-and-Over Seniors
Senior Fitness: Older seniors have specific physical, functional and psychosocial needs that require your attention.

Group Exercise

Sample Class: Creative Core & Cardio
Class Take-Out: Turn up the internal heat with a fun mix of moves.
Three Self-Care Moves For Sleep
Ebb: After a vigorous class, help participants wind down with this self-myofascial-release sequence.
How To Make HIIT A Hit For Everyone
Skills and Drills: Intensity doesn’t negate the need to teach the people in front of you properly.


Mind-Body Activities For Children
Inner IDEA: Do our kids need a sanctuary for inner and outer play?
Stepping Out Of Fitness Reductionism
Inner IDEA: How do wearable activity monitors fit into a holistic approach to health and well-being?
Powerful Postures To Melt Stress
Inner IDEA: Enrich any class by integrating four stress reduction techniques: preparation, poses, pondering and prana.


What You Don't Know About Food Labeling Could Undermine Your Health
Learn more about the nuances of food marketing and what front-of-package labels may not be telling you.
Eating With The Seasons
Nutrition: The Five Elements Theory of Traditional Chinese Medicine suggests we follow a healthy diet integrated with the rhythms of nature.
Nutrition Strategies For Stress And Pain Management
Nutrition: Research shows that certain foods may help our bodies fight the damaging effects of chronic stress and pain.


6 Key Factors That Predict Weight Gain
Research: Science reveals what makes people put on pounds over the long term.
Does Exercise Order Really Matter In Resistance Training?
Research: Research suggests focusing on what the client needs and doing the most important exercise first.
Research Sheds New Light On The Exercise “Afterburn”
Research: Recent studies help clarify the body’s ability to keep burning extra calories long after we stop exercising.

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