September 2014


Secrets Of The Masters Athlete
Learn what keeps these inspirational athletes fit and focused.
Diabetes & Exercise: What Every Fitness Professional Should Know
Exercise is a safeguard against the disease, especially type 2.
2014 IDEA World Fitness Awards
Celebrating world-class fitness pros and their impact on people’s health.
IDEA Home Study

Personal Training

Combat Ready
Ex Rx: A mixed martial arts fitness expert explains how techniques that get Ultimate Fighting Championship® competitors into shape can appeal to a broad spectrum of fitness clients.
Restoring Physical Confidence In An Older Adult
Client Success Story: Legally blind, Joan needed to improve her strength and balance to maintain her independence.
Smooth Sailing Toward Specialization
Fitness Entrepreneur: Discover how to specialize the smart way.
tricks of the trade “How Do You Establish Relationships With And Get Referrals From Medical Professionals?”


Food For Thought
The latest in nutrition news and science.
Rethinking, Disrupting And Transforming The Way We Eat
Special Report: Menus of Change® suggests action steps for navigating the intersection of our food, our health and the planet’s future.
Sorting Out Supplements
Nutrition: What the research says about calcium, vitamin D, magnesium and omega-3 fatty acids.

Group Exercise

Creative Class Design
Skills & Drills: Evolve your workouts—and watch participants reach their goals.
Step Up To Warm Up
Ignite: Use these opening moves to prepare and empower students.
Sample Class: Functional Strength For Older Adults
Class Take-Out: Use a three-pronged approach to help frail participants move better, get stronger and improve their balance.
Creative Ideas That Inspire
Buzz: Mix up your programming with high-intensity and restorative movements.


Mind-Body-Spirit News
Wellness news and research from around the world.
Improving Chronic Neck Pain With Pilates
Inner IDEA: Help people find relief from neck pain by providing props and modifications and by guiding clients toward correct spinal alignment.

In Every Issue

fitness forum What Would You Change In Food Labeling?
warm-up Goal Seeking At Any Age
Making News
Understanding Iron-Deficiency Anemia & Sports Anemia
Research: Endurance exercise does not make people anemic, but it can deplete the body’s iron stores.
The Biomechanics Of Obesity
Bridging the Gap: Justin Price, MA, explains why we need to address the connections between extra weight and chronic pain.
Fitness At Your Fingertips (or Thumbs)
Fitness Technology: Use these apps to improve your fitness business and enhance your client experience.
fitness handout Rest & Recovery
Global Childhood Games
IDEA Fitnographic: What do kids in different countries do to stay fit and happy?

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