July 2014


Cert By Selfie
Anyone with an attractive body and an urge to show it off can become an instant expert thanks to social media. This has pluses and minuses for fitness professionals.
The Top 14 Rising Stars In Fitness
Learn how emerging professionals are changing the way we think about inspiring the world to fitness.
Green Fitness Facilities: Healthy Bodies, Healthy World
What does it take to be environmentally friendly, and what can you do today to make an impact?
Why Fit Tech Changes Everything
Wearable technology, smartphones and apps are more than handy ways to monitor and motivate—they are tools that can reshape your training business.
7 Self-Care Tips For Fitness Professionals
In an industry of caregivers, prioritizing your own self-care is necessary to your health and happiness.
Is Obesity Contagious?
Friends, family, ethnicity and even the place where we live can influence the spread of obesity.
How Do Consumers Decide What To Eat?
To make healthier choices, clients need to understand all the ways our society encourages them to overeat.
The Mind-Body Man
With so many benefits, why aren't more men doing yoga and Pilates?
How To Attract Obese Clients
Prepare Yourself and Your Business to Cater to an Untapped Market With a Convincing and Compassionate Strategy.
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Food For Thought
The latest in nutrition news and science.

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warm-up Fuel Your Passion!
Making News
30 Seconds To Victory
Bridging the Gap: Lee and Beth Jordan have combined solid education and hard-won personal experience to help clients overcome extreme physical limitations and personal obstacles.
fitness handout Ready, Set...Mud!
Plant Protein Sources
IDEA Fitnographic: Expand your dietary options with plant-based proteins.

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