January 2014


The Physiology Of Fat Loss
From the fat cell to the fat furnace, find out exactly what causes the body to burn fat.
Experiential Exercise: The New Way To Sweat
Group-Fitness Experts Share Ways To Turn Movement Into Magical Moments While Creating Community, Inspiring Participants And Generating Revenue.
2014 IDEA Personal Training Institute™: Coast-to-Coast Training Power
The Industry's Most Powerful Educational Experience For Trainers Comes To Alexandria, Virginia, February 27-March 2, And Seattle, April 10-13.
IDEA Home Study

Personal Training

Making Strides With Gait Dysfunction
Client Success Story: Personal trainer Eric Taylor helps his client put her best foot forward.
Enhancing Your Brand
Fitness Entrepreneur: Earn more money in this brand new year.
The 3D Booty: Training The Glutes For Form And Function
Ex Rx: Multidirectional movements offer a fresh approach to toning the butt.
tricks of the trade “How Do You Handle Negative Body Issues, Either For Yourself Or When Clients Obviously Have Issues With Their Own Body Image?”


Food For Thought
The latest in nutrition news and science.
Go With Your Gut
Nutrition: Adding prebiotic and probiotic foods to your diet boosts beneficial bacteria and can improve overall health.

Group Exercise

Reboot Your Boot Camp
Skills & Drills: Boot-camp instructors share their favorite ways to keep participants happy, engaged and well conditioned.
Playful Warm-Ups In The Water
Ignite: Harness the pool’s properties, and help participants have more fun.
Sample Class: Pump Up!
Class Take-Out: Give students an upper-body interval challenge.
Creative Ideas That Inspire
Buzz: Help your clients with their New Year’s resolutions by offering exciting classes.


Mind-Body-Spirit News
Wellness news and research from around the world.
Building Exercise Self-Efficacy In Overweight And Obese Clients
Inner IDEA: Use short-term goals, partner games, open-ended questions and positive reinforcement to work through clients’ difficulties.

In Every Issue

fitness forum Fitness For Everyone
warm-up What Is Your Potential?
Making News
What Really Works In Fighting Obesity?
Research: Scientists debunk popular weight-loss myths and share solid guidance.
Putting Health Over Convenience
Bridging the Gap: Behavior change is the secret to unlocking potential and power to change.
fitness handout Meditation & You
idea fitnographic Your Body On Exercise: Preventive Magic?

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