December 2014


Diabetes & Exercise: What Every Fitness Professional Should Know
Exercise is a safeguard against the disease, especially type 2.
How To Attract Obese Clients
Prepare Yourself and Your Business to Cater to an Untapped Market With a Convincing and Compassionate Strategy.
The Physiology Of Fat Loss
From the fat cell to the fat furnace, find out exactly what causes the body to burn fat.

Personal Training

Combat Ready
A mixed martial arts fitness expert explains how techniques that get Ultimate Fighting Championship® competitors into shape can appeal to a broad spectrum of fitness clients.
Seniors And Self Myofascial Release
Trainers need to adapt their technique when working with the connective tissue of older adults.
Getting Intense With Older Clients
Research shows that high-intensity training can improve the lives of senior exercisers.

Group Exercise

Sample Class: Functional Strength For Older Adults
Use a three-pronged approach to help frail participants move better, get stronger and improve their balance.
Stretching That Works For Men
Help your male participants reach common areas of hip inflexibility with resistance bands.
How To Thrive As An Introverted Instructor
Let your positive personality characteristics shine when you teach class.


Improving Chronic Neck Pain With Pilates
Help people find relief from neck pain by providing props and modifications and by guiding clients toward correct spinal alignment.
The Skinny On Happiness
By changing the “why” behind workouts, we can change our clients’ perception of fitness.
Pilates For Larger Bodies
Practical advice on extending the benefits of Pilates to the overweight population.


Sorting Out Supplements
What the research says about calcium, vitamin D, magnesium and omega-3 fatty acids.
Culinary Culture Club
Take a trip around the globe and find out which healthy food habits are worth bringing home.
Bust Out Of A Food Rut
Why learning to mix up diet and food-prep techniques can help clients stick to their weight loss goals.


Is “Bad” Fat Now “Good”?
While a recent study questions common advice on avoiding saturated fats, there’s ample science to support limiting these fats in our diets.
Resistance Training Periodization In Women: New Insight For Training Design
How shifting the timing of exercises and workouts can improve muscular strength.
Understanding Iron-Deficiency Anemia & Sports Anemia
Endurance exercise does not make people anemic, but it can deplete the body’s iron stores.

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