September 2013


Bending American Food Culture
A bold new initiative examines the future of food and the challenges facing our country in terms of health, health care, the environment and our food systems.
Science Uncovers The Perfect Playlist
Research shows that the right mix of tunes inspires participants and is a boon to programming.
2013 IDEA Fitness Industry Compensation Trends Report
The number of industry jobs is expected to grow dramatically through 2020, but compensation and benefits are either stagnant or shrinking.
IDEA Home Study
Continuing education quizzes: Get up to 4 CECs quickly with quizzes from this issue.

Personal Training

One Last Ski Season
Client Success: Wanting one last season of hard skiing, George elected to work with a personal trainer and skip double knee replacement surgery.
The Thinner Winner Contest
Profit Center: Get your whole town talking with this fun weight loss contest.
Exercise And The Autism Population
Ex Rx: Careful preparation and specific strategies can help trainers succeed with autistic athletes.
tricks of the trade "What Type Of Exercises/programs Do You Use With Clients Who Have Arthritis?"


Food For Thought
The latest in nutrition news and science.

Group Exercise

Expand Your Group Exercise Resumé
Skills & Drills: Take full advantage of your existing skill set and prepare to grow with the industry.
Kick It Into High Gear
Ignite: Use a martial-arts–inspired warm-up to inspire students to move from the body’s center.
Sample Class: Cardio Step
Take-Out: Brush up on your dance step skills with this creative class
Creative Ideas That Inspire
Buzz: Explore an array of fun movement options with these schedule stars.


Mind-Body-Spirit News
Wellness news and research from around the world.
Yoga Adjustments
Inner IDEA: Giving safe, effective adjustments in class requires sensitivity and skill.

In Every Issue

fitness forum Fresh Food Prep Vs. Exercise: Is One More Important?
warm-up Obesity As "Disease" Ups The Ante For Fitness Pros
Member Spotlight
Making News
Extreme Conditioning Programs: High-Risk Or Vulnerable Risk Takers?
Research: These demanding workouts offer benefits, but there are safety concerns.
Coming Together As A Group Effort
Bridging the Gap: Empathy and trust are key to helping overweight people succeed, says group trainer Shannon Fable.
fitness handout Medicine Ball Moves For The Core
Foot Facts
IDEA Fitnographic: Take a step toward knowing more about your feet.

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