Elusive Boundaries For Nutrition Scope Of Practice
With obesity rates astronomically high, is it time to rethink our approach?
Optimal Recovery After Exercise: Nutrient Timing
Research provides deeper understanding of how ingesting the right nutrients at the right time can support an active lifestyle.
IDEA Home Study
Continuing education quizzes: Get up to 4 CECs quickly with quizzes from this issue.

Personal Training

Going From The Inspired To The Inspirer
Client Success Story: One woman’s efforts plant a seed of inspiration for many others.
First-Session Success
Profit Center: Make sure a client’s initial meeting doesn’t feel like a visit to the doctor’s office.
Challenge Play: Connecting Exercise And Fun
Ex Rx: Turning exercise into a game turns clients into players who have much more motivation to stay fit.
tricks of the trade “Do Any Of Your Clients Have Type 2 Diabetes? How Do Their Workout Regimes Differ From Those Of Apparently Healthy Clients?”


Food For Thought
The latest in nutrition news and science.

Group Exercise

Use Subbing To Market Yourself
Skills and Drills: Leverage opportunities to fill in by sharing and showcasing brand “you.”
Medicine Ball Magic
Core: Add variation and vector to your core exercises.
Sample Class: Push, Pull, Bend, Twist, Squat And Lunge (BTSL)
Class Take-Out: Layer on function with this life-enhancing strength workout.
Creative Ideas That Inspire
Buzz: Break away from the norm with these unique classes.


Mind-Body-Spirit News
Wellness news and research from around the world.
Pilates Safety Concerns For Older Adults
Inner IDEA: Top-notch Pilates professionals speak out about keeping seniors injury-free.

In Every Issue

warm-up Food And Nutrition: Back To Basics
Introducing FitFeed
IDEA FitnessConnect: IDEA’s new social media hub gives you an easy way to discover and pass along top news.
Member Spotlight
Making News
Energy Balance Update: Keep Moving!
Research: Scientists respond to burning questions about food, exercise and weight loss.
Conquering The “Obesogenic” Environment
Bridging the Gap: Barbara A. Brehm-Curtis, EdD, shares thoughts on how fitness professionals can put healthy behaviors like eating well and exercising regularly within clients’ grasp.
fitness handout Salt & You
idea fitnographic Eating Healthy On A Budget