IDEA Fitness Journal January 2013
January 2013


Fitness And Wellness Industry Game Changers: A Window Into The Next 30 Years
A glimpse at what scientists, doctors, business innovators and exercise professionals are saying about our future.
Preadolescents, Obesity And Exercise
Research supports the idea that physical activity, along with a foundation of fun, is an effective intervention in the formative preteen stage of a young person’s life.
IDEA Personal Trainer Institute™ Don’t Just Train— Inspire!
The leading education experience for personal trainers is bigger than ever—and this year’s expanded program has one purpose: to help you inspire clients to change their lives. 2013 IDEA Personal Trainer Institute™ February 28–March 3, 2013 Alexandria, Virginia May 2–5, 2013 Seattle.
IDEA Home Study
Continuing education quizzes: Get up to 5 CECs quickly with quizzes from this issue.

Personal Training

More Than 300 Pounds And Counting
Client Success Story: Despite surgery recommendations, Paul decided to drop weight the old-fashioned way.
Fitness Resort Travel
Profit Center: Enjoy a low-cost vacation in an exotic setting.
Excessive Thoracic Kyphosis: Much More Than Just Bad Posture
ExRx: Stress, environment and many exercises can contribute to a hunched-over effect.
Tricks Of The Trade
Do you provide any of your training services on the Internet? How is this working for you?


Food For Thought
The latest in nutrition news and science.
Let Whole Foods Power You Into The New Year
Nutrition: A leaf-to-root strategy that gets every last nutrient out of fruits and vegetables.

Group Exercise

Overheard In The Locker Room
Group Ex Skills & Drills: Transmute negative feedback into positive fuel for growth as a group fitness instructor.
The Proper Preparation
Ignite: Try these new “spins” on an indoor cycling warm-up.
Sample Class: Kids’ Kickboxing
Class Take-Out: Mix high energy with individual coaching to help kids learn to love exercise.
Creative Ideas That Inspire
Buzz: Make this year an active year with fun fitness classes.


Mind-Body-Spirit News
Wellness news and research from around the world.
Meditation: Push-Ups For The Brain
Inner IDEA: Should we be recommending meditation training to shape and tone the brain?

In Every Issue

fitness forum Weaving Mindfulness Into Movement
warm-up Mindful Motivation
Member Spotlight
Making News
Kettlebell Research Update
Research: Studies show cardio and strength benefits, but suggest caution about spinal loads.
Prevention Is The Best Policy For Kids’ Obesity
Bridging the Gap: Avery Faigenbaum, EdD, exhorts fitness pros to provide opportunities for young people to form social networks while gaining confidence in their abilities to be physically active.
fitness handout Come On, Get Happy
idea fitnographic Sitting Is A Death Trap

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