December 2013


Undoing Childhood Obesity
Fitness pros can take a leading role in helping U.S. children become healthier.
Training For Mind-Body Resilience
Research explores how exercise can protect against the harmful effects of chronic stress.
Science Uncovers The Perfect Playlist
Research shows that the right mix of tunes inspires participants and is a boon to programming.

Personal Training

Exercise And The Autism Population
Ex Rx: Careful preparation and specific strategies can help trainers succeed with autistic athletes.
Selling Yourself (Without Selling Out)
Fitness Entrepreneur: How to create an online presence that feels true to yourself—and your business.
Older-Adult Fitness: Gauging The Limits Of Your Fit Clients
Senior Fitness: Why “senior fitness” is dead, and why every exercise needs to match what older clients can do, not how long they have lived.

Group Exercise

Sample Class: Triple T
Class Take-Out: Offer students maximum results in minimum time with high-intensity interval training.
Core Off The Floor
Core: Take core training vertical.
Should You Freestyle Or Prestyle?
Group Ex Skills & Drills: Review the pros and cons of teaching “freestyle” and prechoreographed classes, and learn new tricks from each method.


Yoga As Therapy For Postpartum Clients
Inner IDEA: Practiced wisely, certain yoga poses can help postpartum women avoid years of weakness in the pelvic floor and the abdominal wall.
Pilates Safety Concerns For Older Adults
Inner IDEA: Top-notch Pilates professionals speak out about keeping seniors injury-free.
Yoga Adjustments
Inner IDEA: Giving safe, effective adjustments in class requires sensitivity and skill.


Nurturing A Whole-Food Habit
Nutrition: How to help wean your clients from unhealthy processed foods.
The New Science Of Counting Calories
Nutrition: Recent research shows why nuts, fresh fruits and uncooked foods can be attractive choices for weight-conscious clients.
Protein Today: Are Consumers Getting Too Much Of A Good Thing?
Nutrition: Consuming proteins can help people lose weight, but most people don’t need more of it in their diets.


Extreme Conditioning Programs: High-Risk Or Vulnerable Risk Takers?
Research: These demanding workouts offer benefits, but there are safety concerns.
Exertional Rhabdomyolysis: When Too Much Exercise Becomes Dangerous
Research: High-rep and repetitive exercises can produce serious complications, particularly in those who are just getting started.
Helping The Chronically Short Of Breath
Research: Exercise can help people with emphysema, chronic bronchitis and other ailments caused by chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.

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