August 2013


Fitness And Wellness Industry Game Changers: A Window Into The Next 30 Years
A glimpse at what scientists, doctors, business innovators and exercise professionals are saying about our future.
Suspension Exercise For Older Adults
Use a multimodal approach to help aging adult clients regain key functional abilities.
Optimal Recovery After Exercise: Nutrient Timing
Research provides deeper understanding of how ingesting the right nutrients at the right time can support an active lifestyle.

Personal Training

Challenge Play: Connecting Exercise And Fun
ExRx: Turning exercise into a game turns clients into players who have much more motivation to stay fit.
Diastasis Recti: When The Abs Don’t Come Together
ExRx: Why you should know the biomechanics of abdominal separation.
Excessive Thoracic Kyphosis: Much More Than Just Bad Posture
ExRx: Stress, environment and many exercises can contribute to a hunched-over effect.

Group Exercise

Medicine Ball Magic
Core: Add variation and vector to your core exercises.
Apps For Group Fitness Instructors
Skills & Drills: Let your smartphone or tablet be your ally as you organize your teaching schedule and prepare for class.
Sample Class: Jump Onboard
Class Take-Out: Layer plyometric moves to create a class that everyone can do.


Meditation: Push-Ups For The Brain
Inner IDEA: Should we be recommending meditation training to shape and tone the brain?
Standing Work On The Reformer
Inner IDEA: Practice standing work to strengthen the leg and hip muscles, improve balance and posture, and add variety to your workouts.
Cycling Up
Inner IDEA: A strategy for enhancing clients’ physiological and psychological state.


Detox Diets: Myths Vs. Reality
Nurition: What you should know about cleanses and juice fasts.
The Stimulating Truth About Energy Drinks
Nutrition: They can boost performance, but concerns about health risks are on the rise.
Dynamic Duos
Nutrition: It’s just good chemistry: Some foods do the body much more good when they work as a pair.


Carbohydrate Intake For Endurance Training: Redefining Traditional Views
Research: What your clients need to know about “carb availability.”
Energy Balance Update: Keep Moving!
Research: Scientists respond to burning questions about food, exercise and weight loss.
How Can Exercise Help People Who Have Multiple Sclerosis?
Research: Studies show mild-to-moderate workouts ease the strain of living with MS.

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