It’s All In The Brain: Unlocking The Secrets Of Overeating With Neuroscience - November 2011 IDEA Fitness Journal
November 2011


It’s All In The Brain: Unlocking The Secrets Of Overeating With Neuroscience
As obesity reaches epidemic levels, neuroimaging suggests a link between overeating and brain health—and may indicate new solutions for improving both brain function and eating habits.
Childhood Obesity Doomsday Countdown
If fitness professionals don’t do something now to help obese children break the cycle, the future may be bleak.
Continuing Education Quizzes
Get up to 5 CECs quickly with quizzes from this issue.

Personal Training

The Cancer Survivor’s Champion
Client Success Story: A carefully progressed plan based on knowledge and exercise produces solid results.
Creating A Jump-Start Fitness Program
Profit Center: Motivate new clients—and increase revenue—through short-term, targeted training.
Fit Feet: The Professional’s Guide To Training South Of The Ankles
Ex Rx: What you need to know before joining the “barefoot” movement.
Tricks Of The Trade
Questions & Answers: Do you mentor other trainers either at your own business or elsewhere in the industry? If so, how?


Food For Thought
The latest in nutrition news and science.
Are You Flexible?
Nutrition: A plant-heavy diet plus a little meat is good for your health, the planet and your pocket.

Group Exercise

A Smoother Ride
Group Ex Skills & Drills: These 10 tips will motivate and inspire your indoor cycling class and keep people coming back for more.
Take A Stand
Core: Get participants off the floor and activate their cores with multijoint, multiplanar moves.
Sample Class: Extend Yourself!
Class Take-Out: Get students out of their core rut with a class that takes the spine through all actions.
Creative Ideas That Inspire
Buzz: Fuse innovation with skill for a sizzling schedule.


Mind-Body-Spirit News
Wellness news and research from around the world.
Lolita San Miguel’s Living Legacy
Inner IDEA: The first-generation teacher shares her generous spirit and deep knowledge of the Pilates method, while colleagues and students reflect on how she has enriched their lives and their practice.