The Best Boot Camp Moves You’re Not Using - February 2011 IDEA Fitness Journal
February 2011


Music Licensing Mayhem: How Will Fees Affect YOU?
Recent rulings and hearings about the cost of playing music in fitness facilities could have worldwide implications.
IDEA Home Study
Test your knowledge and receive continuing education credits.
Unraveling The Stress- Eating-Obesity Knot
Exercise can significantly mitigate the effects of stress and weight gain.
The Best Boot Camp Moves You’re Not Using

Personal Training

Training From A Distance
Client Success Story: Massiel Miranda’s 03 satellite program improves lives from afar.
Getting Permits For Outdoor Fitness Programs
Personal Trainer Entrepreneur: Learn to create a win-win situation with local parks and other outdoor venues.
Interval Training: The New And Better Way To Train Your Clients?
Ex Rx: There are many advantages to interval training.
tricks of the trade What Would You Do If Your Client Had A Medical Emergency During A Session Or Was Having One When You Arrived At A Session?


Food For Thought
The latest in nutrition news and science.
Perimenopause And Nutrition
Nutrition: Nutrition strategies for women in this stage of life.

Group Exercise

Ending On A High Note
Ebb: Move away from instruction and toward inspiration with this silent cool-down.
Sample Class: More For The Core
Class Take-Out: Flow through core strength and stability with this combination of fun, challenging moves.
Creative Ideas That Inspire
Buzz: Fly high and dance low to find new ideas for programming.


Mind-Body-Spirit News
Wellness news and research from around the world.
Reforming The Knee
Inner IDEA: Pilates training principles to optimize knee function.

In Every Issue

fitness forum Pilates For Teens; Video Evaluation For Instructors
warm-up Let's Move!
Making News
Promote Yourself, Retain Clients
IDEA FitnessConnect: Use your IDEA FitnessConnect profile to promote your classes and events.
Resistance Training And Cardiovascular Exercise For Obese Youth
Research: Is one of these types of training better for obese youth?
fitness handout How To Live Longer