Body Intelligence: A Guide To Self-Attunement - November 2010 IDEA Fitness Journal
November 2010


Body Intelligence: A Guide To Self-Attunement
Three pillars—somatic awareness, knowledge and level of engagement—offer a gateway to a healthy, vibrant life.
Digitally Enhancing The Value Of Evaluations
Top fitness professionals share their views on using audio and video technology to boost performance.
IDEA Home Study (Take CEC/CEU Test Online Now!)
Test your knowledge and earn up to four continuing education credits/units.

Personal Training

Rebuilding The Injured Body
Client Success Story: Constant feedback and careful progressions are essential for helping one client improve functional mobility.
Honing Your Intuitive Intelligence
Personal Trainer Entrepreneur: Use your gut instinct to get ahead in your fitness career.
Designing A Program For Swayback Posture
Ex Rx: A fuller understanding of swayback posture can help you retrain clients.
tricks of the trade Do You Have A Blog For Your Business? If So, What Does It Include? If Not, Why Not?


Food For Thought
The latest in nutrition news and science.
Eating Well On A Budget
Nutrition: Advance menu planning and thoughtful shopping can keep grocery costs manageable and maintain nutritional integrity.

Group Exercise

Sounding Super: A Guide To Vocal Health
Group Ex Skills & Drills: Train your voice the same way you train your body.
The Core As A Cylinder
Core: Teach participants how awareness affects performance.
Sample Class: Cross Currents
Class Take-Out: Use challenging circuits to add intensity to your water workout.
Creative Ideas That Inspire
Buzz: Group fitness schedules increasingly reflect an in-depth understanding of the body and mind.


Mind-Body-Spirit News
Wellness news and research from around the world.
Pilates: Tools For Teen Athletes
Inner IDEA: How to get started on offering Pilates training to local sports teams.

In Every Issue

fitness forum Social Media Power
warm-up 2010 To-Do List In Review
The Client Newsletter, Your Way!
IDEA FitnessConnect: A quick guide to customizing and managing the IDEA FitnessConnect Client Newsletter.
Making News
Important Risk Factor And Fitness Assessment “Numbers”
Research: Charts and tables and measurements, oh my!
Repositioning Poor Posture
Senior Fitness: There are reasons and ways to help older clients correct improper posture.
fitness handout Exercising With Kettlebells
Thailand: An Ancient-Modern Fitness Marriage
World Beat: Thai take to fitness.