Beyond Energy Imbalance - December 2010 IDEA Fitness Journal
December 2010


Beyond Energy Imbalance
A review of weight management research reveals how people lose weight—and keep it off.
Paving The Way For A Healthy Pelvic Floor
Turn on the Pelvic Core Neuromuscular System with triplanar movement and functional education.
Cardiovascular Disease And The Mind-Body Connection
Relax your body and calm your mind for a longer, healthier life.
Mind-Body Research Update
Summaries of key studies on yoga, Pilates, qigong and other mind-body topics.

Personal Training

Promoting A Fitness Bucket List
Profit: Help clients achieve meaningful goals and stay loyal to your business.
Core Stability For Enhanced Daily Function
Ex Rx: Instruct clients to perform this core warm-up program each morning for optimal results in—and out of—the gym.
Exercise Program Order Does Matter!
Senior Fitness: Research supports a specific exercise program sequence for older-adult clients.

Group Exercise

How To Really Teach To Beginners
Group Ex Skills & Drills: A strategy to help you connect authentically with people unfamiliar with movement.
Wordless Warm-Down
Ebb: Use this silent ending in your next water fitness class.
Sample Class: Intervals Stepped Up
Class Take-Out: Switch things up with athletic movements on (and around) the step.
Tapping Into Group Profitability
By taking a cue from personal trainers’ success with boot camps and small-group training, group fitness instructors can create their own special niche.


You Want Me To Eat When?
Nutrition: Why meal timing and frequency are important to helping your clients successfully lose weight.


Yoga-Pilates Fusion: The State Of The Union
Inner IDEA: Experts discuss what works and what doesn’t when fusing these two mind-body disciplines.

In Every Issue

Small Changes And The Obesity Epidemic
Research: Can obesity be decreased in incremental steps?
fitness handout Pilates: Aid For Low-Back Pain
world beat Cycling, Soccer, Zumba® Popular In The Netherlands

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