CEC Nutrition Section

2009 Nutrient Trend Alert
The top 5 food trends that affect the way we eat today.
Back To Basics: Nutrient-Rich Foods
It's time to reconsider our approach and exchange avoidance messages for positive ones that emphasize what to eat and that highlight the nutritional benefit foods provide.
Protein Quality, Form & Function
What athletes should consider in order to achieve optimal physical performance.
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Test your knowledge and earn continuing education credits.

Personal Training

Running Toward Success
Personal Training Profile: Jason Karp’s winning attitude helps him and his clients achieve the gold standard.
Selling Affiliate Products
Profit Center: Increase your income by promoting credible products that meet your clients’ needs.
Plyometric Progressions For Athletes
Ex Rx: Play it smart when using plyometric training.
tricks of the trade Q&A: Do You Feel A Personal Trainer Must Look The Part In Order To Be Successful?


Food For Thought
The latest in nutrition news and science.

Group Exercise

Core 360º
Core: Strengthen the core from all directions.
Sample Class: Fat-Free Step
Class Take-Out: Reintroduce step as a class for everyone.
Creative Classes That Inspire
Buzz: The more you know about the latest trends, the more fun you can have with great new classes and formats.
Let's Go Team ... Teach!
Team-teaching not only doubles the fun; it doubles professionalism and participant satisfaction.


Mind-Body-Spirit News
Wellness news and research from around the world.
A Yoga Sequence For Runners
Inner IDEA: Runners can avoid injuries and improve their performance with a simple yoga practice.

In Every Issue

warm-up IDEA's Value Proposition
Making News
Maximal Aerobic Power And Functional Independence In Older Adults
Research: Can a change in VO2max alter your older clients’ quality of life?
Inspiring Exercisers Around The World
Inspire the World to Fitness®: IDEA members reach out to their communities in unique ways.
IDEA Code Of Ethics For Personal Trainers
Coping With Poor Health
Career Path: How do you heal from a bad injury or serious disease—and keep your career on track?
fitness handout Strengthening Your Willpower “Muscle”
world beat China's Community Approach To Fitness