CEC Mind-Body-Spirit Section

Pilates For The Overweight Client
Use compassion and sound Pilates principles and techniques to empower obese clients and help them find their centers.
Cardiovascular Disease And The Mind-Body Connection
Relax your body and calm your mind for a longer, healthier life.
Mind-Body Research Update
Summaries of key studies on yoga, Pilates, qigong and other mind-body topics.


Explore The Transformative Power Of Wellness At The 2009 Inner IDEA® Conference
Embark on an inner journey to find more balance and well-being for yourself and your clients.
2009 IDEA World Fitness Convention™
Be there as the fitness world comes together for education, inspiration, humor, hope—and fun—in the “OC.”

Personal Training

A Perfect Fit
Client Success Story: Holly Kouvo helps her client get a jump start on fitness.
Reinventing Your Personal Training Career
Personal Trainer Entrepreneur: Laid off or lost work from the recession? Discover how to make a positive change.
Marathon Training 101
Ex Rx: Understanding the key components of long-distance training for runners will help your clients excel in their next marathon.
Tricks Of The Trade
What are some of the issues you have dealt with in training older adults?


Sweet Facts About High-Fructose Corn Syrup
Nutrition: Dispelling some of the myths maligning products made with HFCS.
Food For Thought
The latest in nutrition news and science.

Group Exercise

Refine Your Cuing
Group Ex Skills & Drills: Communication involves more than simply speaking into a microphone.
Core Training Duo
Core: Make the most of time and resources by teaching partner-based core exercises.
Sample Class: Wall Yoga
Class Take-Out: No props, no problem—use the wall.
Creative Programs That Inspire
Buzz: Make your schedule sizzle with stylized classes.

In Every Issue

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Making News
Progression Models In Resistance Training For Healthy Adults
Research: The updated 2009 American College of Sports Medicine position stand revealed.
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