2008 IDEA Fitness Industry Compensation Survey
This biennial representation of wages and benefits in the fitness industry demonstrates stability and progress during times of economic challenge.
How To Change The World In 2009
More than 35 tools you can use to Inspire the World to Fitness® this year.
Strategic Saving For A Fitness Convention
Discover how to get the money you need to attend an IDEA event.

Personal Training

Muscle Activity And Body Position
Ex Rx: Do slight changes in body position affect muscle activity?
Making Strides In Medical Fitness
Personal Trainer Profile: Lisa Coors bridges the gap between fitness and orthopedics.
Creating Your Own Educational DVD
Profit Center: Discover the five steps to producing a new revenue generator.
How Do You Prepare For And Handle The Busy Month Of January?
Tricks of the Trade: question & answers


Food For Thought
The latest in nutrition news and science.
Are Plastic Bottles And Containers Safe?
Nutrition: What’s the sense in drinking purified water or eating organic food if you use the wrong kind of plastic bottle or container?

Group Exercise

Sample Class: Pilates 50/50
Class Take-Out: Enliven mind-body mavens with a novel fusion class.
A Stable And Unstable Warm-Up
Ignite: Integrate the BOSU® Balance Trainer into the start of class and help participants find poise.
Three Ways To Welcome Seniors
As demand for senior fitness programs grows, rethink how you organize and prioritize exercise goals for an expanding demographic.

In Every Issue

Making News
warm-up New Year's Evolution
Glycemic Index: Weight Loss Sham Or Sensation?
Research: What is it exactly, and is it right for your clients?
Budgeting Basics
Career Path: Understanding a business’s bottom line is key to becoming a successful manager.
fitness handout Flow To Health And Happiness
world beat Exploring Egypt


Mind-Body-Spirit News
Wellness news and research from around the world.
Eight Mindful Movements Of Qigong
Inner IDEA: Clients of any age or fitness level can perform these beneficial moves.