Sweat Couture: A User’s Guide To Performance Apparel
7 trends that are redefining active style in today’s exercise clothing and gear.
A Second Chance At Health
While it’s preferable to enter middle age risk-free, research shows you can reverse coronary artery disease.
IDEA World Fitness Convention
This juggernaut rocked attendees off the charts with its diverse educational offerings, networking opportunities and decidedly global flavor.
2008 IDEA Award Recipients: Passion, Perseverance & Pride
This year’s award winners embody the essence of fitness industry leadership.

Personal Training

The Warrior And Grace
Personal Trainer Profile: Clay and Elizabeth Burwell blend unique talents to offer high-quality personal training.
Boardroom Fitness Testing
Profit Center: Help sedentary office workers take their first step on the path to wellness.
Chasing Pheidippides: The Science Of Endurance
Ex Rx: Knowing the science will guide you in designing the best training regimen.
tricks of the trade Have You Ever Set And Achieved A Career Goal That You Thought Was Out Of Reach?


Food For Thought
The latest in nutrition news and science.
Don't Overlook The Underweight
With all the attention on helping clients lose weight, it’s easy to forget about the populations that actually want to gain body mass.

Group Exercise

Giving Back
Generation Group XYZ: Yvonne Jones uses an in-house instructor training program to help prepare new group fitness leaders.
A Wet Wind-Down
Ebb: Use the pool noodle to help your water class participants cool down.
Sample Class: Sneaker Camp
Class Take-Out: Boot camp meets traditional group fitness in this challenging and fun workout.
Off-the-Chart Classes
Buzz: Take a risk with your programming and introduce something new to members.

In Every Issue

fitness forum Your Feedback, Concerns And Insights
warm-up Go With The "Flow"
Making News
Sports & Energy Drinks: Answers For Fitness Professionals
Research: Digest these facts before you take the next swig.
Battling Cancer With Determination
Inspire the World to Fitness®: Whether in treatment for non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma or teaching fitness classes, IDEA member Lynne Kurutz serves as an example of hope and health.
Business Card Basics
Career Path: Discover how to create professional, yet memorable, business cards with pizzazz.
fitness handout Sports Nutrition For Young Athletes
Making Beautiful Music
Icons & Innovators: How Richard Petty, CEO and president of Power Music, turned a personal passion into an empire of sound.


Mind-Body-Spirit News
Wellness news and research from around the world.
It's Simple: Flow To Health And Happiness
Inner IDEA: Discover the characteristics of flow, and learn how you can help your wellness clients experience more of it in their lives.