Personal Training

Real-World Fitness
Personal Trainer Profile: Annette Lang’s easy style and commitment to excellence elevate clients and colleagues alike.
“How Many Times A Week Should A Client Exercise? Why?”
Tricks of the Trade: Q&A


Food For Thought
The latest in nutrition news and science.

Group Exercise

Creative Cross-Training
Buzz: Pull ideas from outside the studio when designing a new class.
Sample Class: Mindful Fusion Fitness
Class Take-Out: Add Pilates and yoga moves to a traditional fitness base to help participants train in a different way.
Core Design
Core: Use specific criteria to help your participants see real results.
Educating For Wholeness
Generation Group XYZ: DePaul University helps prepare students for fitness careers that cover all the corners.
The Blends Justify The Means
Use research and your own fine-tuned expertise to create phenomenal fusion experiences.

CEC Nutrition Section

Fed Up: Who’s Ensuring America’s Food Safety?
Why there aren’t enough cooks in the kitchen keeping our food supply safe.

Eating Disorders Among Athletes
How to recognize clients at risk and ultimately become part of a multidiscipline team that helps elite athletes deal with the challenges of eating disorders.

Good Nutrition For The Golden Years
The aging body has special nutrient needs that, when properly addressed, contribute to optimum health in the later years.

CEC Course Nutrition

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Making News
Fitness Forum
Your feedback, concerns and insights.

warm-up Warm-Up: Nutrition: To Advise Or Not?
Hormonal Responses To Resistance Exercise Variables
Research: A brief review of several intriguing studies and their implications for training programs.
A Fun Balance
Inspire the World to Fitness®: IDEA member Pam Skinner, MS, and her partner promote Balance Bands as a way to empower kids and their parents to make better food choices.
Is Your Face On Facebook?
Career Path: Employ simple strategies to market your “profile” using online social networking.
fitness handout Fitness Handout: Exercise Prevents Disease
Labyrinth: Walking The Path Of The Heart
Could this centuries-old meditation help you or your clients explore the body-mind connection?
Exercise Prevents Disease
Nutrition: To Advise Or Not?


Mind-Body-Spirit News
Wellness news and research from around the world.