The Science Of Willpower
Research: Research supports the notion that willpower works like a muscle—so how do you train it?

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The Latest Yoga Research
Some yoga research studies suggest that yoga may confer a host of health benefits, but not all studies are created equal!
The Science Of Willpower
Research supports the notion that willpower works like a muscle—so how do you train it?
Becoming A Coach: A Roadmap To Training
Weigh all the relevant factors before choosing a coach training program.

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Test your knowledge and earn continuing education credits.


2008 IDEA World Fitness Convention™
Movement, music and a passion for health, fitness and wellness will take center stage in July when IDEA members from all over the globe rock Las Vegas.

Experience The Spirit Of Community At The 2008 Inner IDEA® Conference
Take a life-changing personal journey with other fitness and wellness professionals who are passionate about integrating mind, body and spirit into a powerful new model for health.

Personal Training

Tricks Of The Trade
What marketing strategy has worked especially well for you?

Unlimited Possibilities
Personal Trainer Profile: Greg Kirk Jr. provides “fitness therapy” for adaptive-needs clients.
Bridging The Age Gap
Personal Training 101: Working with seniors—an investment in your knowledge base can bring many rewards.
Pilates-Inspired Routine For Travelers
Ex Rx: Help your clients by providing them with special exercises to use on vacation.


Food For Thought
The latest in nutrition news and science.
Navigating The Aisles Of Natural Food Markets
Nutrition: Simple tips for smart shopping in the maze of organic food stores.

Group Exercise

10 Tricks To Help Remember Names
Use these easy techniques to boost your memory and gel participants’ names in your brain.
Meeting Future Needs
Generation Group XYZ: Kris Thomas, group exercise coordinator at Rochester Athletic Club, talks about how her in-house program prepares trainees for the “big time.”
Stars On The Class Schedule
Buzz: Give members a reason to highlight the programs you offer.
Walk The Plank
Core: Try these variations on a popular core exercise.

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Making News
warm-up Postcard From India
Fatigue Resistance: An Intriguing Difference In Gender
Research: Do women have a greater ability to resist fatigue and sustain muscular contractions?
Positive Exercise For Plus-Size Women
Inspire the World to Fitness®: IDEA member Debra Mazda motivates clients to strengthen their bodies—and sense of self—through her ShapelyGirl Fitness classes.
Be A Standout Employee
Career Path: Discover strategies for becoming a five-star worker—while supporting your co-workers.
fitness handout Walking The Labyrinth
Stepping Up To Success
Icons & Innovators: Twenty years ago she invented step training for fitness. Today, Gin Miller is still discovering practical new ways for real people to get healthier.