Corrective Exercise - January 2008 IDEA Fitness Journal
January 2008


IDEA Personal Trainer Institute™
The conference and attendees reflected a maturing profession with much promise.

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Corrective Exercise: Coming Full Circle
From medical gymnastics to proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation to self myofascial release and beyond, corrective exercise continues to help humans with physical dysfunction.

Personal Training

Case Study: Coaching A Sedentary Client
Ex Rx: To help inactive clients make meaningful lifestyle changes, think outside the gym.
The Quest For Greatness
PFT Profile: Todd Durkin's multilayered approach helps clients progress in all factors of life.
Creating A Client-Trainer Blog
Profit Center: Discover how to set up an effective online tool for client behavior change.
What Type Of Exercise Do You Use To Help Older Adults Prevent Falls?
Tricks of the Trade: Q&A.


Food For Thought
The latest in nutrition news and science.
Eating Green
Nutrition: It can be easy being green if you adopt these simple everyday practices.

Group Exercise

Group Energy
Buzz: Take a look at what other fitness facilities are putting on their schedules.
Sample Class: One-Step, Two-Step
Class Take-Out: Turn your single-step class into double the fun with some creative choreography.
Contributing Early
Generation Group XYZ: Teri Bladen, MS, assistant director of fitness and wellness at Arizona State University Campus Recreation, talks about making fitness fun for new instructors.
Stretch Or Strength?
Ignite: Use isometric training in your yoga warm-up.
A Formula For Fitness & Fun
What lessons can all directors and instructors learn from prechoreographed programs?

In Every Issue

Making News
Fighting For Healthy Food
Icons & Innovators: Practically everyone knows how unhealthy the modern diet has become, but Michael F. Jacobson, PhD, is determined to do something about it.
Research: Women’s weight loss breakthrough or bust?
10 Absolutes For Women In Business
Career Path: Make sure you’re well prepared before becoming a fitness entrepreneur.
Take Good Care Of Yourself
Just for You: Are you getting the regular health screenings you need?
White-chicken Chili
Sample Class
Fitness Forums
Your feedback, concerns and insights.
I Inspire
Sleep Matters
Seeking The Summit
IDEA member Nancy Norris inspires others with her passion for climbing the highest mountains in the world.
Posted Message Spurs Stair Climbing


Mind-Body-Spirit News
Wellness news and research from around the world.
Image Conscious: Why Teenage Girls Need Yoga
Inner IDEA: A look at the many benefits that yoga offers for adolescent girls.