Motion And Emotion
What to do when emotions arise in a body-mind movement session.
"What Would You Do If You Had A Conflict With A Fellow Trainer At Your Workplace?"
Decisions, Decisions!
Your decision-making abilities as a new group exercise director help determine your success.
Dance Fitness: Delightful And In Demand
Where There's A WILL ... There's A Way!
No will? Discover why creating one can help you—and loved ones.
Get A Wealth Of Minerals
A Global Outlook
IDEA presenter Fred Hoffman, MEd, talks about how an expanded vision can help your career.
Researchers Encourage Exercise Prescriptions For Older Adults
Co-Owning Questions
Jack La Lanne: Still The King
"King of Fitness" Jack La Lanne made exercise a household word - but says there's still a lot of work to be done.
Quick & Zesty Italian Chicken Feast
Hypertension And Exercise
Can exercise and proper nutrition protect clients from this “silent killer”?
Fittest U.S. Colleges
Preparticipation Screening May Save Athletes' Lives
Red Meat Intake & Breast Cancer Risk
Veggies, Fruits & Age-Related Cognitive Change
Add Water To The Mix
Including aquatic fitness in your training package can enhance your clients' programs and expand your client base.
Lifestyle Coaching
Media Morsels
"Stranger Danger" Deters Kids From Walking
Getting Teens To Eschew Soda
Food Allergies Challenge Kids & Families
Diet & Gastrointestinal Ailments
Can what you eat and drink exacerbate the symptoms of common stomach disorders, such as irritable bowel syndrome, lactose intolerance and celiac disease?
Even Modest Weight Loss Helps Knee Pain
Big Apple Bans Trans Fats In Restaurants
Creative Classes That Spark Inspiration
Explore the outside edges of entertainment when coming up with new class concepts.
Feting Feta Cheese
Curtis The Entertainer
He sings, he dances, he claps his hands. No, he's not a circus performer; he's the owner of Curtis Jackson's Fitness Studios.
Neuromuscular Control In Female Athletes May Help Prevent ACL Injuries
Central Moves
Use Pilates exercises to teach participants about stabilization, balance and core strength.
25 Things To Watch For In The Industry
An eye to the future shows a glimpse of exciting changes in a young industry.
Supermarket Self-Checkout Survey
Sample Class: Kickbox Boot Camp
Help participants to train for cardiovascular endurance, to explore the anaerobic threshold and to improve strength, all in one class.
Take Two A Day?
Spring-Clean Your Career!
How to cut out unwanted "clutter" from your fitness career.
The Biomechanics Sales Approach
Polish up your sales pitch by using science to convince clients of your value.
Need A Career Booster?
A Better Habit
While on her journey from addiction back to fitness, IDEA member Nancy Jerominski walked through a new door.
Survey Results Highlight Fitness Forecast