Celebrate 25 Years Of Fitness, Health & Fun!
2007 IDEA World Fitness Convention® & 25th Anniversary Celebration:
If you want to know what the future of health and fitness holds and how to prepare for it, the 2007 IDEA World Fitness Convention is where you need to be.

Transformational Coaching
By using highly focused dialogue during training sessions, you can help your clients create sustainable change.
IDEA Fitness Industry Compensation Survey 2006
This biennial portrait of wages and benefits in the fitness industry shows a largely positive picture and affords a number of insights.

Personal Training

How Values Affect Program Adherence
PFT 101: Let their values be your guide.
The Personal Fitness Counselor
PFT Profile: With a master’s degree in rehabilitation counseling, Meredith Nelson, MEd, helps clientele plow through barriers to fitness.
tricks of the trade What Do You Do If Your Client Comes To His Session With A Bad Attitude After A Bad Day?


Food For Thought
The latest in nutrition news and science.
The Way To A Man's Healthy Heart Is Through His Stomach
Optimal nutrition for the performance-driven male.

Group Exercise

A Spark On The Class Schedule
Buzz: Draw inspiration from these noteworthy classes.
Sample Class: Individualized Indoor Cycling
Class Take-Out: Use variety and purpose to hone in on personal fitness goals.
Three-Way Plank
Core: Pair the BOSU® Balance Trainer with a simple core move to engage and challenge participants.
A Fitness Evangelist
Master Class: IDEA presenter Chalene Johnson talks about converting nonbelievers to health and wellness.

In Every Issue

warm-up Inhale. Exhale. Focus.
Livin' The Lifestyle
Inspire the World to Fitness®: FLY Fitness teaches teens and communities that health looks different for everyone.
Building Business Alliances With Competitors
Career Path: How partnering with the opposition can become a win-win situation.
fitness handout Alcohol's Effect On Health
Fighting For Life
Icons & Innovators: Augie Nieto revolutionized fitness when he brought cardio onto the gym scene nearly 30 years ago. Now, after his diagnosis of ALS, his fight for health is personal.
Anger Management Strategies
Just for You: What to do when you’re ready to explode.
Yoga For Recovering Addicts
Real-World Step
Use these simple tips to translate advanced moves for your students at home.
The Planar Training Method
A movement-based approach to training prepares clients for sports and the activities of daily living.

CEC Mind-Body-Spirit Section

Facilitating Fellowship
Fitness professionals play a key role in helping students and clients reap the many benefits of social connection.
Integrative Fitness: The New Science Of Body-Mind Medicine
The latest research confirms the truth behind the adage mens sana in corpore sano, or “a sound mind in a sound body.”


Mind-Body-Spirit News
Wellness news and research from around the world.
4 Core Challenges Of Running A Pilates Business
Your success is likely to depend on how you handle business planning, facility selection, staffing and customer service.
Move Your Body, Mind & Spirit At The 2007 Inner IDEA Conference®
Take yourself on an unforgettable journey to the core of your being: spend 3 days in mindful practice and study, exploring the many meanings—and paths—of wellness.