Dealing With Negative People
Discover ways to stay calm when critical people cross your path.
Baby Steps
Coo, swaddle, hold and sway moms and their little ones through a postnatal program.
People Are Talking About...
The Scoop On Running Injuries
Help runners to avoid common injuries—and to cope with them when they do occur.
Mind-Body Practices Help Musicians
Holiday Pumpkin-Spice Muffins
Prenatal Progess
Offer pregnant participants safe core exercises that will help get their bodies ready for labor and delivery.
Body Dysmorphic Disorder And Suicide
The Right Market At The Right Time: Targeting Hispanic Consumers
Why fitness professionals need to appeal to this burgeoning population of savvy consumers who are armed with considerable buying power.
Assessing Low Glycemic Index Diets
Cooper Founds Wellness Community
The Foot, Ankle And Knee
The first of two articles presenting a structural assessment of the lower kinetic chain.
Most Walkable Cities
Beyond CPR
Will automatic external defibrillators (AEDs) become standard equipment in fitness facilities?
Repurposing Old Onions
KO'ing Bone Fractures With Vitamins
Guided-Imagery Skills Relieve Stress
The Shape Of Things To Come
Pilates Effective For Low-Back Pain
Soda Is The Enemy In Obesity War
Cup Of Java Cuts Diabetes Risk
Is Your Medicine Making You Fat?
Totally Taken Care Of
The Stronger The Better
Spirited Mainstay
Veteran IDEA presenter Gay Gasper talks about music trends, motivation and integrity.
Injury Prevention: Group Strength
Help students get and stay strong safely.
Grading Schools On Exercise And Nutrition
Moving Beyond Barriers
Help identify clients' barriers to activity, and use the information to inspire action.
Female Proprietors Underprice Services
Media Morsels
This Very Body
How (Naturally) Sweet It Is!
Deep Breathing And Pain Management
Fitness Fanchise Opportunities Growing
Men Keep Bone Benefits From Early Exercise
Everyday Yoga For Busy Boomers
Yoga poses that clients can practice daily, wherever they are.
Finding Balance And Success
Masterfully manage your mind-body business
Stress In The Workplace
Artistic Activity
Progressive group programming from around the globe.
Don't Be Hypersensitive About Hypertension
Single- Versus Multiset Resistance Exercise In Older Adults
Comparing the two for muscular-fitness and functional-performance benefits.
The Sharpest Knives In The Drawer
Tai Chi Vs. Brisk Walking For Older Adults

Personal Training

"Mean Irene" And Her Talented Trainees
PFT Profile: Peace officers, youth athletes and “high-risk” college students make up a well-rounded spectrum of clients for Irene Lewis-McCormick.