Creating Balance Between Fitness And Family
Equilibrium is within your reach after you prioritize and take action on the things that matter most.
The Circle Of Wellness: Bringing Health & Hope To Native Communities
Diabetes, obesity and cardiovascular disease risk are looming threats to the indigenous people of North America. How can you help - and what can you learn from their cultures?
Compliance Programming
Improve exercise compliance by strengthening the mind-body connection and reducing trainer dependency.
Exercise Addiction
The unspoken correlate of exercise.
Energy Balance
IDEA presenter and industry veteran Marcos Prolo shares his thoughts on current trends and simple motivation.
A Passion For Posture
IDEA member Marilynn Larkin empowered a group of women to walk tall.
Hot Topics For 2005
Triumph Over The "Terror Within"
The Mind-Body Makeover
Keynote Presentation by World-Renowned Coach Cheryl Richardson
ADA Takes A Stand On School Nutrition
Yoga More Effective For Low-Back Pain
Spring-Time Asparagus Strata
Take A Different Kind Of Journey
Wellness experts have long acknowledged that true health goes beyond the physical, into the interconnected sensory realms of the emotional, mental and spiritual. That's where the 2006 Inner IDEA Conference is prepared to take you-if you choose to make this unique and transformational journey.
Cleaning With Citrus
Low Fat Diets: What's A Woman To Do?
Quality And Quantity Consistency
The 2006 IDEA World Fitness Convention has these hallmarks and more lined up for those ready to invest in themselves and their futures.
Ask The A Team...
Let our expert member services team answer your most frequently asked questions about the IDEA World Fitness Convention®.
The Buzz About Energy Drinks
Kids' Fitness Assessment Guidelines
What trainers need to know to accurately assess fitness levels in children.
Protein Intake And Blood Pressure
In-Shape Teens Less Likely To Have Chronic Pain In Adulthood
Cardiovascular Medication And Your Client
Support your client's heart health with appropriate exercise programming and basic pharmacology knowledge.
Sample Class: Riding The Wind
This fartlek training approach increases anaerobic threshold and VO2 one interval at a time.
Foreign Food Terms 101
Antioxidants And Age-Related Macular Degeneration
Training Kids & Adolescents
If you have a passion for promoting fun and fitness in children and teens, the time may be right to break into the burgeoning youth market.
Breaking Into The Corporate Fitness Market
Find out how to set up a win-win relationship with a corporation.
Coping With Change
Terrified of change? Find out how to adapt positively to your changing world.
Sage Solutions
A strong, specialized education gives Sarah Collins the power to make a difference for older adults.
Yes, On-the-Job Stress Can Kill You
Iron Deficiency Anemia And Exercise
Why athletes and other active clients may have increased iron needs-and the best food sources to prevent iron deficiency anemia and sports anemia.
Give Leeks A Chance
International Pilates Day Promotes Activity For Youth
Do You Have A Particular Client Who Inspires You? Why?