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Adapting And Succeeding
Inspire the World to Fitness: IDEA member Debra Orringer helps clients adapt exercise to their special needs and reconnect with life.
Parents' Perceptions Poor
Grapefruit And Avocado Salad
8-day Yoga Intervention
Positive lifestyle modifications can improve important biochemical indices associated with heart disease, stroke, hypertension and diabetes mellitus.
About Avocados
The Golden Age Of Mind-Body Practice
Pilates Equipment Liability & Safety
Liability and safety issues merit serious focus and planning as members demand more Pilates-based activities.
Energy Bar Exam
Injury Prevention: Pilates
Use the six core principles of Pilates to teach a safe class.
Ask The Team...
The 2006 IDEA World Fitness Convention is next month. Have all your questions about registration, session selection and other issues been answered?
School Gardens Grow Healthy Kids
One-Stop Shopping
Longevity and variety keep Greg Justice and AYC Health & Fitness in good shape.
Exploring Mind-Body Modalities
A revealing review of the latest scientific studies dealing with the psychological benefits of different mindful types of exercise.
Tasty Food Trends
Yoga For Chronic Pain
Adapted practices and interventions from hatha yoga help pain sufferers learn how to cope and thrive.
Low-Carb & Low-Fat Diets Duke It Out
Resource For Moms-To-Be
Experience Power - Packed Education
The 2006 IDEA World Fitness Convention® has fantastic preconference offerings, as well as a new line of InTensive learning options.
Cocoa Intake & Blood Pressure
Raising The Fruit Bar
Reconnect, Refocus
Target your programming on helping participants discover their inner fitness enthusiast.
Food Safety For Seniors
Cooking Up Your Summer Vacation
Developing Better Concentration
Discover how to concentrate like a champion.

fitness handout

Taming Stress
Fitness Handout: Discover strategies for getting to the root of—and tackling—your stressors.