Men's Health - May 2005 IDEA Fitness Journal
May 2005
Federal Budget Proposal Cuts Exercise Initiatives
Preventing Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
Raising The Bar On Nutrition Bars
Hot Potato Tip
Renewed Interest In Yoga In India
Protect Those Bright Ideas
People Are Talking About . . .
Try Tofu
Andropause: Man's Problem For The Ages
Cancer-Fighting Foods
Tasty Veggie Toppers
Chicken Chili With White Beans
Multiple Sets Better Than Single Set For Trained Postmenopausal Women
Estimated Average Age Of Clients
Correcting Common Diet Blunders
With all the misinformation facing consumers today, fitness professionals need to be able to help clients separate truth from fiction.
Training Enhancement Substances: A Veteran's Perspective
Progressive Muscle Relaxation
Learn a basic mind-body technique that can blend into your personal training sessions.
"How Do You Incorporate Balance Training Into Your Clients' Workouts?"
Lifestyle Fitness
Derek Heintz and Brian White help their clients "own" a fitness mentality for life.
Florida Giving Rebates For Health
Incentives For Staff?
How Fit Is Your Memory?
Want to be able to remember information better? Take your brain to boot camp.
ADHD & Iron Deficiency
Kid-Friendly Website
The Lumbar Spine
Lumbar Spine Anatomy, Common Injuries and Postrehab Strategies.
Green Tea & Prostate Cancer
Obesity May Hinder Prostate Cancer Screening
Children Of Overweight Mothers Prone To Obesity By Age 6
Creating A Sacred Space
A special area in your home or yard can help you release stress and tune into yourself.
Does Mindful Exercise Improve Mood?
From Uncertain To Certified
IDEA member Rebecca Yount draws from her own experience to motivate and inspire the back row.
Mind-Body Personal Training Comes Home
Boot Camp Ohio-Style
A simple group training plan can inspire inactive participants and net healthy profits.
Media Morsels
Workplace Wellness Pays Off
Effortless Energy
Ken Alan shares how to find new inspiration for choreography and why setting up a class like an orchestra improves performance.
The Group Fitness Coach
Learn how to go beyond performing to connect one-on-one with participants.
Eyes On The Prize
Creative goal setting leads to retention.
The Power Of Advertising
Chitosan Claims Debunked
Do Something!
Route To Relaxation
Teach breath control and awareness to stressed- out participants.
Superfine Sugar Substitution
A Different Angle
Hijack boredom with the newness element.
Exercise Away The Blues
Improving Balance And Preventing Falls With Tai Chi
Adult Immunization Alert
Performance Enhancing Drugs
Who's taking them, and what are the benefits and risks?
Dying To Be Thin
Martial Arts Injuries
Music Helps Older Adults Sleep
IDEA Fitness Industry Salary Survey 2004
Benchmarks for choosing and compensating productive and loyal fitness staff.
More Natural Snacks
Functional Exercise Improves Task Performance In Older Women