Yoga For The Whole Family
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Torque And Training Overeight Clients
A Path With Heart
The winner of the 2004 IDEA Fitness Inspiration Award offers his advice on staying passionate over the long haul.
Free Resources To Help Kids Get & Stay Healthy
Sample Class: Ready, Set, Go!
Turn participants into athletes with sports conditioning drills.
Cardio Training For Stress Relief
Essential Business Software
Bring your business PC up to snuff with the best software for 2005.
Helping Seniors Hit Their Stride
Steve Colwell inspires older adults to fitness through Striders, a walking program he developed in the Northwest.
Got Milk? Lost Weight?
Whole-Body Vibration Training
Shake up clients' workouts with low-impact whole-body vibration training.
Chi Kung Practice Reduces Hypertension
Mediterranean Diet Extends Longevity
First Impressions
Create a warm-up that works!
Good Foods, Bad Reps
When bad things happen to good foods in media reports, it's time to set the record straight.
You Should Be In Pictures!
Experts share tips on how to produce a quality fitness video for any purpose.
Shortcuts Equal Short Change
New York State Of Mind
The 2004 IDEA Personal Trainer Summit®
Dynamic Drive
Break out of the "Group" box with ideas from other instructors.
Does Chi Exist?
Professionalism: A Refresher Course
Make sure your behavior is a positive reflection of the fitness industry.
Competitive Athletes At Risk For “Superbug”
Fruits & Veggies For Fido
Deep Breathing For Improved Relaxation
The Prize For Best Diet Book Goes To . . .
Women, Carbs & Colon Cancer
The Science Of Self-Monitoring
The Spirit Of Advocacy
Peggy Buchanan, MA, shares her vision of a well-rounded fitness professional.
How To Measure Vegetables In Recipes
It's A Zoo Out There: Understanding Zoochemicals
Unlocking Barriers For Heavy Clients
Use 7 keys to foster a sense of trust and confidence that will help your plus-size clients accomplish their fitness goals.
The Knee Joint
Knee Joint Anatomy, Common Injuries and Postrehab Strategies.
Coffee, Tea And . . . Diabetes?
Does Echinacea Ward Off Colds?
How Long Do You Keep Client Records?
Osteoporosis A Rising Concern
Yeah For Yogurt!
Shedding Light On Seasonal Affective Disorder
There is a cure for the wintertime blues.
What Is Imagery?
Quick, Italian Chicken Stir-Fry
Taking A Stand On Functional Foods
Inmates Practice Yoga And Meditation