CEC Nutrition Issue - February 2005 IDEA Fitness Journal
February 2005
Unclutter Your Life
Is clutter creating chaos for you? Learn simple ways to declutter your home.
Two-Week Test Drive
Lisa Lynn gives clients a jump-start that keeps them charged up for the long term.
Acupuncture For Pain Relief
Senior Moments
Bring balance to your cooldowns.
Need Help With A Tax Problem?
Small Groups Emerge
Breathe Slowly For Better Health And Well-Being
Study: Nearly 30 Percent Of Workforce Is Obese
Seeing The Difference
IDEA member Jeffrey Grayson Miller helped a blind client get in shape for a new guide dog.
IDEA Opinion Statements
Physically Fit Kids May Do Better In School
The Mentor Experience
Information and support are key when preparing the next generation of instructors.
Tai Chi Practice Has Multiple Therapeutic Benefits
Yoga May Help Kids With ADHD
Cutting Calories With Calcium
Key Fitness Trends In America
Putting Science Into Practice
Mary Sanders, MS, (center) shares how to glean professional riches and stay renewed.
Skip It, Stand It
Invite members to discover new ways to burn calories with fresh concepts like these.
Going Solo
Answer 8 key questions to assess whether you are ready to be your own boss.
Meditation: Just The Basics
An introduction to the styles and benefits of regular practice.
Obesity And Low Physical Activity Linked To Endometrial Cancer Risk
Increasing Your Sleep Savvy
How Do You Handle A Client Who Constantly Becomes Distracted When Training At Home?
Indoor Cycling Sample Class: Explore Your Zones
Integrate various intensity levels for a productive cardiovascular workout.
The Buzz About Nutrient Timing
Enhance performance, promote recovery and improve muscle integrity by ingesting ideal nutrient combinations at optimal times.
Many Pedometers Inaccurate At Slower Paces
Consumers Spend Billions Annually On Yoga
Unclutter Your Life
Is clutter creating chaos for you? Learn simple ways to declutter your home.
Surviving The Low-Carb Craze
Help your clients make educated decisions based on science, not science fiction.
Grants Bolster Community Services For Seniors
University Offers 4-Year Personal Training Degree
Yoga And Meditation Help Soldiers In Iraq
An April Attraction
Whether IDEA Fitness Fusion—Chicago® is in your backyard or a world away, it’s the venue for CECs, fun and new friendships.
The "Talk Test"
The Perils Of Social Eating
Media Morsels
Do You Know & Practice Your Code?
The IDEA Codes of Ethics
"The Cream," "The Clear" And Your Credibility
Special Report: American Dietetic Association Conference Highlights
Made To "FITT"
Use frequency, intensity, time and type (FITT) of exercise to master the art and science of cardiorespiratory fitness program design.
Lungs Function Better Later In Day
People Are Talking About . . .