CEC Mind-Body Issue - April 2005 IDEA Fitness Journal
April 2005
Ying-Yang And Chi
Comparing Intensity-Monitoring Methods
What are the most effective ways to control exercise intensity?
Martial Arts Fusion Workout Popular In L.A.
Simple Sporty Start
Use this athletic-style warm-up for nonchoreographed classes.
Soy Forumula Concern
Sharpen Your Skillet Skills
Comparing Popular Diets
Mind-Body Millennium
Get 'Em Powered Up!
Use power training to enhance or maintain functional abilities in aging adults.
Sample Class: Stabilization Cardio Interval
Use medicine balls to teach control and awareness.
Pilates News
PMA launching first Certification Exam.
Enjoying An At-Home Spa Day
How To Ask For A Raise
Discover key strategies for seeking and getting the raise you want.
Helping Tsunami Survivors
New Dietary Guidelines For Americans
In A Nutshell
Unlocking Potential
IDEA member Cindy Brooks helps people with Parkinson's disease reconnect with simple pleasures.
A Unique Model
Timothy Callaghan balances facility ownership and management with hands-on training.
Table For One?
How to make healthy meals at home when you are eating alone.
Designing A Yoga Program For Active Seniors
How Do You Help Clients If They Need To Travel Extensively And Can't Train As Often With You?
Punk Rock Yoga Nightclub Workout In Seattle
Affirm The Exerciser In Everyone
Kari Anderson talks about taking risks, gleaning creativity and being a role model for participants.
Cuing Beyond Counting
Communicate your routine clearly and safely.
New Insights Into Circuit Training
Modifying Pilates For Clients With Osteoporosis
Find out who is at risk for fracture and which exercises they should avoid.
Bone Up On Merits Of Fruit
Heat, Hip-Hop And Handlebars
Introduce new heights to your members.
Laughing Yoga-A New Trend?