Trends In Corporate Fitness - June 2004 IDEA Fitness Journal
June 2004


Trends In Corporate Fitness
Is it still big business? What opportunities exist for fitness professionals?
The Last Minute: Time For You
IDEA inspires you so you can inspire others.
Emotions & Weight Gain
Women's midlife challenges.

Personal Training

Triathlon Training For Real Women
Ex Rx: A sprint-distance triathlon may be just the event your average female clients need to motivate them to reach a new fitness level.
Do You Know Your Scope Of Practice?
PFT 101: Basic guidelines to keep you safely within the boundaries of your profession.
Educating People Through TV, Training
PFT Profile: Trainer Chad Marschik is constantly inspired by the positive mental attitudes of his clients.
Relocation Strategies
Profit Center: If you moved to a new town or facility, would you have what it takes to "start over"?
tricks of the trade Why Did You Decide To Pursue A Master's Degree? How Did You Manage Both Going To School And Working?


Food For Thought
The latest in nutrition news and science.
Vegetarian Diets & Exercise Performance
Nutrition Research: A look at the nutrients that are essential for vegetarian athletes.

Group Exercise

Are You Looking For New Ideas To Motivate Your Participants?
Buzz: Use these creative concepts as inspiration.
Sample Class: Cycle Circuit
Class Take-Out: Add new components to your training drills.
Activate And Stabilize
Core: Use modified Pilates exercises in your class.
An Interview With Petra Kolber
Master Class: Petra Kolber gives down-to-earth advice about the group fitness instructor career path.
Something For Everyone
Programs: Combination classes offer balance, cross-training and increase interest.

In Every Issue

Making News
warm-up A Common Sense Of Purpose
research Does Stretching Reduce Injury Risk?
Early Intervention
Inspire the World to FitnessĀ®: KID-FIT inspires preschoolers with a multifaceted wellness message.
Networking For Introverts
Career Path: Learn how you can effectively network—even if you hate doing it!
fitness handout Pedometer Power
from the editor Realizing Your Dreams
Planning Your Ideal Vacation
Just for You: Need a break? Take time to think about what you really need from time off.
Shake It, Ladies!
Parting Shot: Can you imagine this actually passed for exercise 40 years ago?
Making News
What Is Mind-body Exercise?
Reflections on why the term is applied to some formats but not others.