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Award Application Questions for Personal Trainers

Walk the Walk

  • Characterize the professional and ethical standards to which you adhere, your personal mission and your goals for the future of the personal training industry.
  • Include a copy of your resumé, not to exceed three pages. The resumé should detail the number of years you’ve been in the business, the extent of your “hands-on” training or teaching experience, the number of hours per week you spend training or teaching clients, your major accomplishments and educational background, and the certification(s) you hold.

Inspire Others

  • Outline your ability to build relationships with your clients, and the ways in which you inspire and motivate your clients.
  • Describe the program(s) you have implemented to help your clients achieve their goals, and the success your clients have enjoyed as a result of the program(s).
  • Give two examples of how you inspired a client. Please include reference letters from those clients.

Make a Difference in Your Community

  • Outline your participation in the community and/or your influence on the general public including, but not limited to, lectures, awareness campaigns, newspaper and magazine articles, or other media presentations. Describe how your work and program(s) increase community awareness or benefit the community.
  • Describe your contributions to the professional credibility, development and/or awareness of the personal training industry. Summarize your participation in local, national and/or international industry-related events, committees, task forces, publications (please list) and presentations.