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Award Application Questions for Fitness Instructors

Group Fitness Resume

  • What group fitness certifications do you currently hold?
  • How many group fitness classes do you teach on a weekly basis?
  • What type of group fitness classes do you teach?
  • What have you personally done to be the best group fitness instructor possible? Please provide specific examples.
  • What is your proudest accomplishment?

Inspire Others

  • Here at IDEA our mission is to Inspire the World to Fitness, how are you personally inspiring your world to fitness? Describe the impact you have had on your students, your peers, and your community.

Make a Difference in Your Community

  • Describe your participation in fitness industry-related events, committees, task forces, trainings, certifications, conferences attended in the last 5 years. Please include the year of participation.
  • What have you done to impact the health and fitness of your community? Include any relevant social media, newspaper articles, publications, blogs, TV, volunteer work, free programs/classes, community outreach, fundraisers, etc.