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Award Application Questions for Emerging Trailblazers

Walking the Walk

  • Characterize the professional and ethical standards to which you adhere, your personal mission and your goals for the future of the fitness industry.
  • Describe your role in the industry.
  • Provide a resume that details all relevant education and current/active certifications.

Demonstrating Personal and Professional Growth

  • What steps have you taken to enhance your growth as an individual and fitness professional?
  • What is your proudest accomplishment in your career thus far?
  • Explain how far you’ve come in your career and the contributions you have made to the fitness industry.
  • Include a reference letter from a supervisor, mentor or peer that describes the impact you’ve made.

Inspiring Others

  • IDEA’s mission is to inspire the world to fitness. Detail how you personally inspire your world to fitness. Describe the impact you have had on your students, clients, peers, and community.

Committing to Equity and Inclusion

  • IDEA Health & Fitness Association’s staff and members pledge to oppose prejudice, bigotry and racism and create inclusive and welcoming spaces for all humans. Please describe how your community and fitness industry contributions and efforts align with this pledge.