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Are you Considering a Career in the Fitness Industry?

Starting Your Career

Planning Your Fitness Career Path

Whether you just graduated from university with a health-related degree, recently obtained your first fitness certification or are contemplating how to get more out of your current position in the fitness industry, deciding on the right career pathway is an important—and sometimes overwhelming—process. The good news is, the fitness industry offers an abundance of opportunities for a variety of personality types, aspirations, skill sets and interests.


The Best Education for Success in the Fitness Industry

You have decided on a career in fitness because you enjoy working out and helping people. Are those two qualities all you need to get started in the industry? No—while they are great traits to possess, success in the fitness profession requires education: certifications, workshops, conferences and college degree programs focusing on kinesiology, the study of human movement.


Certification Update

There is much talk about certification, accreditation and licensure in the fitness industry today. As you start your career, it is important to have a grasp of this trio of topics because they can affect your ability to get hired and work legally. Just the terms themselves and their word cousins can be very confusing-—so confusing, in fact, that this article includes a glossary to help you navigate through and clearly understand the differences among them.


Step by Step Career Guides