The landscape of the fitness industry looks different these days. Fitness enthusiasts and newcomers alike are approaching the gym with a different perspective. Large gyms with big groups are not as appealing, nor is the price tag of a personal trainer. Small group training (SGT) via boutique studios, private trainers, or online platforms is the preferred activity of fitness participants, especially for personalized instruction. SGT also remains the number one profit center in clubs. If you are stuck in a rut of instructing one-on-one training or group classes (online or in-person), now is the time to enter the “Sweet Spot” of SGT, increase your offerings, and begin earning your worth.

What is Small Group Personal Training (SGT)?

Small Group Training (SGT) provides personalized training in a small group setting for 2 to 10 clients either online or in-person. SGT provides the same specialized attention as a personal one-on-one session with assessments, goal setting, progress tracking, and progression. There is an established baseline and end goal in mind, unlike group exercise classes with a constant flux of participants with no specific progression. SGT provides more value and justifies a higher price point.

Benefits of Small Group Training

  1. Affordable: Drive the price point down with multiple clients.
  2. Motivation: Small, tight-knit groups of people with shared goals keep clients progressing,returning, and inspired.
  3. Structure: The trainer organizes a well-rounded workout and comprehensive program to assist each client reach individual goals.
  4. Precision: SGT trainers can specifically correct form to avoid injuries and achieve the intended result.
  5. Accountability: Clients are held accountable by the trainer and other participants.

Stop Trading Time for Money

One of the main reasons fitness professionals enter the industry is because they are very passionate about helping others achieve their wellness goals. Many go to the extreme saying, “I’m not in it to make money.”  However, the reality is, trainers provide a unique, valuable, fee based service that can be lucrative if executed well. The primary benefit of SGT is that a trainer can increase per session revenue, simultaneously discounting the cost each client pays, while retaining the attention to detail of a traditional one-on-one session. Several clients pay a lesser rate, but the trainer’s revenue increases per hour.

Diversify and Specialize

As much as a fitness professional may want to be everything to everybody, this fitness business approach kills income growth potential quickly. Trainers must zone in on the needs of the ideal client and add a unique twist to differentiate from competitors. Trainers should address the pain points of prospective clients by providing solutions that the competitor does not offer. While a standard certification, like personal training or group exercise, is a strong starting point, specialized certifications are the next best step. Learning a specialization assists a personal trainer in narrowing down his/her ideal client, or avatar. Once a trainer knows exactly who the avatar is, marketing and growing a small group training business can become a manageable, powerful revenue engine.

Creative Ways to Reach Your avatar:

  1. Demographics
  • Gender (Male, Female, Non-Binary)
  • Age: Youth, Middle-Aged, Seniors
  1. Special Populations
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Diabetes
  • Multiple Sclerosis
  • Stroke Recovery Clients
  • Pre/Post Natal Women
  • Menopausal Women
  1. Specific Methods
  • HIIT
  • Functional Fitness
  • Pilates
  • Yoga
  • Boot Camp
  • Aqua Fitness
  • Outdoor Activities
  1. Themed 6-Week Sessions
  • Bridal Boot Camp
  • Beginner Strength Training
  • Weekend Warrior HIIT
  • Runner’s Club

SGT is the retention and revenue powerhouse of the fitness industry and can be very lucrative if executed correctly.  Work smarter, not harder, all while impacting more lives in a fun and inspirational way.