The 14th Street Y in New York City offers Punk Rope, a high-intensity jump rope–based fitness class set to punk rock music. Designed by IDEA member Tim Haft, Punk Rope is arranged in an interval format: jump rope segments alternating with body weight exercises, agility drills, partner training and core-strengthening movements. The 45-minute class can be modified so that even the not-so-fit can participate. Its goal is to improve participants’ aerobic capacity, strength, speed, coordination and agility.

The Claremont Club in Claremont, California, draws in members with Kick-Yo-Butt, which fuses cardio kickboxing, power yoga with Sun Salutations and special work for the glutes. “This class brings two ancient Eastern disciplines together in one power-packed class,” says IDEA member Carol Tricoche, group exercise director. “The title alone spiked member interest.”

Yoga for Slimmers© is a 10- session program created by Celia Hawe, an IDEA member who divides her time between Manila, the Philippines, and Findhorn, Scotland. The sessions combine life-coaching principles, yogic practices and sports science. Each class deals with a particular aspect of weight management and starts with a series of simple yoga poses combined with affirmations and relaxation. The sessions “aim to support, coach and motivate clients so they develop their own ‘inner and outer muscles,’” Hawe says.

Movements Afoot in New York City teaches Pilates Tower and Pilates Afoot, upright variations of a Pilates mat routine. The focus is on strengthening core muscles and lengthening the spine and limbs. IDEA member Lesley Powell, director of Movements Afoot, says the classes help students “gain strength, mobility and a better understanding of how the body moves.”

Members at The Sports Club/LA in Beverly Hills, California, are taking Core Motion, a class that applies cardiovascular, strength and flexibility training principles using safe, low-impact techniques. Moves are designed to develop muscular and cardiovascular endurance, refine core strength, improve balance, peak sport-specific performance and reduce the risk of injury.