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Sample Class: Kickbox Boot Camp

“Kickbox Boot Camp” is a time-efficient, interval-style workout that yields great results. Cardio kickboxing drills and combinations improve aerobic endurance and burn calories. Athletic drills—incorporated as short bursts—challenge the body anaerobically. The finishing touch is a strength training segment that targets large muscle groups and improves muscular endurance. Many people complain about not having enough time to exercise; interval training is a great way to offer more bang for the buck.

Kickbox Boot Camp Details

Warm-Up (5 minutes)

Use basic athletic movements to warm up participants. Elevate core temperature and increase dynamic range of motion with large arm movements and hip-
opening exercises. Start with basic spinal stretches to release the low back; then
perform the following exercises, alternating sides:


  • Bend knees and hinge forward slightly at hips to lower your profile as you step side to side.
  • Add large arm movements, reaching forward/back and up/down.

Duck Down

  • As you bring feet together on step-touch, squat down low as though you were ducking a strike.
  • Keep torso long and
    use legs to get low.

Body Roll

  • Do wide toe taps with hands in guard or ready position.
  • Rotate torso and bring elbow down and across body to opposite hip as though you were blocking a strike aimed for your midsection.

Bob and Weave

  • Start with wide toe taps. As you shift your weight from side to side (weave), hinge forward at hips and squat deep (bob) as though you were ducking a punch.

Squats With Shoulder Roll

  • Squat while reaching both arms forward for balance so you can sit lower.
  • As you stand up, create large circles with arms to loosen shoulders.

Knee Strike

  • Step to side and pull right knee up and across body.
  • Bring left elbow and right knee
    together as you rotate through torso.

Crescent-Chamber Hip Opener

  • From knee strike, create semicircle with knee across front of body, in outward motion.
  • Keep hands in ready position, and
    focus on lower-body movement.

Work Phase 1: Cardio Kickboxing and Athletic Drills (40 minutes)

Alternate between kickboxing combinations and athletic drills to create an interval effect. Perform five to six 5-minute cardio kickboxing sections, focusing on aerobic endurance. Allow time to do an even number of repetitions on each side. Create anaerobic challenges during the athletic drills, which should last 1–2 minutes.

Cardio Combo

  • Jab-jab, cross-jab, cross, slip away (duck and slide away in opposite direction from punches).

Athletic Drill

  • Step-touch on floor 1x, then on platform 1x; add power and speed so
    it looks like intense jog (floor/step/
  • Step-touch with double knee to switch leads; repeat on other side.

Cardio Combo

  • Single jabs to front, single-single-
    double, jab-jab-hook.
  • Straddle platform; bob and weave, moving forward and back.

Athletic Drill

  • Lunge onto step 1x and ski 4 counts; repeat 3x; step onto platform with repeater knee 2x; step back behind step, and slide over to switch sides; repeat.

Cardio Combo

  • Double step 2x, bob and weave, double step, bob and weave, hook 4x.
  • Double step, bob and weave with
    90-degree turn.
  • Double step, bob and weave with
    90-degree turn, shuffle forward, double step back.

Athletic Drill

  • Toe taps on top of platform; add power and speed.

Cardio Combo

  • Straddle platform, step knee strike straddle, step roundhouse straddle.
  • Step roundhouse straddle 2x, repeater knee strike straddle.
  • Step roundhouse straddle 2x, repeater (knee strike/front kick/knee strike) straddle.

Work Phase 2: Strength With Weighted Bar (15 minutes)

Squat With Shoulder Press (3 sets of 8)

  • Hold weighted bar in front of body at collarbone level, parallel to ground. With feet shoulder width apart, sit back through hips to perform squat.
  • As you stand up from squat, press bar overhead into shoulder press.

Bent-Over Row (3 sets of 8)

  • Hinge forward at hips, legs underneath you in squat position.
  • Hold abdominals in tight and keep torso long as you lower bar beneath chest.
  • To perform row, squeeze shoulder blades together to activate upper back. Drive elbows up toward ceiling as you squeeze shoulder blades even more
    toward center of upper back.

Chest Press (3 sets of 8)

  • Lie down lengthwise on platform, head supported.
  • Hold bar above chest, elbows at 90-
    degree angle, hands just wider than shoulder width apart. Press bar to ceiling. Do not lock out elbows at top.
  • Lower back down to starting position.

Side Lunge (16x, each leg)

  • Lunge onto platform from side.
  • Hold bar at chest, parallel to ground, and add torso rotation (lunge, rotate over front leg, return to center, step back and repeat).

Balance and Core
(10 minutes)

Balancing Roundhouse Kick (2 sets of 8)

  • Perform slow roundhouse kicks on one side (use weighted bar to assist with balance).
  • Hold one kick at its extension (it should look like hip abduction).
  • Roll hips forward and point toes (you should be able to see shoelaces in mirror).
  • With leg elevated, pull heel to rear and extend.

Rainbow (16 times)

  • With feet wide, knees soft and core engaged, press weighted bar overhead to starting position (like shoulder press).
  • Slowly begin lateral flexion, allowing tip of bar to drop down to each side
    (if you feel pain in lower back, you’ve gone too far).
  • Lower bar to chest if shoulders fatigue.

Cool-Down and Stretch
(5 minutes)

Start with rhythmic movements, such as side-to-side lunges; then move into the following sequence:

  • Hold lunge to one side and reach opposite arm overhead (extended angle stretch).
  • Turn into runner’s stretch.
  • Step back into hamstring stretch.
  • Do spinal stretch as you round up through spine; turn to front and do one more.
  • Repeat stretches on opposite side.
  • Do arm circles to loosen shoulders.
  • Lengthen neck by dropping ear to shoulder, both sides.
  • Do final spinal stretch, take a few deep breaths and call it a day.

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