The New York Health & Racquet Club orients members to strength and cardiovascular benefits with Plyo-Box, which combines boxing, kickboxing, tae kwon do, Hapkido and plyometric drills. “The class utilizes an individual’s own body weight for resistance,” says J. Travis, brand manager. “The movements are short, fast bursts of energy. This explosive element jolts the body’s metabolism, providing maximum results.”

Baby Boot Camp® classes are popping up around the United States. The 75-minute format offers indoor and outdoor strength training for mothers and babies. The classes are designed for all fitness levels (moms must be at least 6–8 weeks postpartum). Baby Boot Camp participants use an all-purpose or jogging-style stroller and do power-walking drills, abdominal exercises, Pilates moves and yoga poses for a complete workout.

The Waldo County YMCA in Maine is partnering with three school districts, local healthcare providers and parents to offer FLASH, an educational program for youth and their families that provides tips on nutrition, physical activity and other wellness topics. As a bonus and incentive, participants receive 12 weeks of free membership.

Crunch clubs inspire members to try club equipment with offerings like Tread ’n’ Shed, a cardiovascular class taught on treadmills. The class includes sprints and slow walks with varying speeds and ramp heights to engage and challenge participants.