Isis Yoga in Burnsville, Minnesota, offers Wise Woman Yoga to its clientele. The class is for “those fabulous women, 40 and over, who are so busy they might not take time for themselves.” The session is for all levels and body types and is focused on learning the basics, gaining flexibility and increasing energy level.

IDEA member Barbara Wintroub,
director of Retrofit Pilates in Santa Monica, California, teaches Aerobic Pilates, which uses the jump board placed in a reformer. Wintroub teaches participants how to elevate their heart rates and work their cores by doing a series of foot patterns on the jump board while holding hand weights. Basic exercises include double-leg and single-leg jumping, running in place, jumping jacks and prancing. Wintroub, who is a triathlete, says she came up with the idea because she needed a way to train when she couldn’t get out of the office.

IDEA member Jackie Camborde created Healthy Back, Strong Core to help clients help themselves at Sante Fitness Studio in Santa Fe, New Mexico. The class is limited to eight people and combines elements of Pilates, yoga, assisted stretching, massage and trigger point
release using foam rollers, myofascial
release balls, resistance bands and Pilates rings. Participants start with a flowing warm-up, done mostly seated and supine, and then move into heat-building core work using the rollers, rings and bands. “Once fully warm and loosened up, participants begin a series of light stretches and rolling releases,” Camborde says. “The class wraps up with some general self-massage techniques and a ‘spa moment,’ which may be the instructor giving each student an assisted stretch, students teaming up for partner stretches or the instructor leading the group in some facial massage (otherwise known as the ‘2-minute facelift—no stitches required’). Everyone leaves feeling strong, stretched and feeling like they’ve had a relaxing massage!”

Moms in Motion helps moms of all ages and fitness levels get a workout and give back to the community. Camarillo, California–based LA Workout offers the 10-week program, which is part of a larger international outreach. Participants gather weekly for a local run, which culminates in a 5k or 10k race. The program also includes lectures on a variety of health-related topics. For each individual who signs up, a book is donated to the local library.