Members at the Athletic Garage in Pasadena, California, line up to take Flamenco Heat, a cardiovascular workout that uses Spanish traditional and flamenco jazz as a background for “exuberant gypsy moves, rhythmic hand clapping and finger trills.” Participants don flowing, ankle-length skirts as part of the class.

Many clubs are offering CorePole classes for kids, seniors and other special populations. This setup features resistance exercises with anchored tubing attached to a sturdy, nonskid base. Participants of all levels use the CorePole simultaneously, and it has seven different height connections and full-range spinning ability for circuit and movement formats.

The Sports Club/LA in West Los Angeles entices people with Hip-Hop Yoga®. This class is designed to help members take their yoga practice “to new heights” and is based on traditional poses infused with hip-hop, rock and funk music.

Spin & Barre is just one of many creative classes at the 92nd Street Y in New York. For the first part of this hourlong indoor cycling class, students go on a challenging cardiovascular ride. The last 15 minutes of class are dedicated to “traditional ballet sculpting and stretching exercises” using the bike’s handles as a ballet bar.

Just Ladies Fitness in Vancouver, British Columbia, goes back to the basics with Fit Start. The class slows down and hones in on the details so that group fintess beginners learn how to exercise safely. Extended warm-ups, cooldowns, muscular endurance segments and stretch portions allow members enough time to acclimate without feeling pressured.

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