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Finding New Tunes And Musical Picks

Experts share the best ways to reinvigorate your playlist.

What’s the best way to discover new, exciting tracks? Here’s some advice from our experts, followed by sample playlists:

“I listen to what other instructors are using. I also subscribe to newsletters from several industry music companies so I see what they are using and promoting, and then I can go and listen to some of those songs online to see if they work for me.” —Fred Hoffman, 2007 IDEA Fitness Instructor of the Year and author of Going Global: An Expert’s Guide to Working Abroad in the International Fitness Industry

“I’ve jumped feet-first into the online music source Spotify® and its social networking feature. I also look at the iTunes Top 100 songs every week to make sure I’m staying current. I appreciate the custom mix features of some fitness music companies; [with these features,] I can find two or three high-energy indoor cycling songs and blend them together into a single stage with tempo changes [before making a purchase]. This really adds to the power of my music in this genre.” —Julz Arney, education programs director and lead master trainer for Schwinn® Cycling

Rob Glick’s Musical Picks

General Workout Tracks
“Sexy and I Know It,” by LMFAO
“#thatPOWER,” by will.i.am
“Feel This Moment,” by Pitbull and Christina Aguilera

Cycling Tracks
“Titanium,” by David Guetta
“Sandstorm,” by Darude
“Blow (Cirkut Remix),” by Ke$ha

Yoga Tracks
“For What It’s Worth (India Dub),” by DJ Drez
“Awake My Soul,” by Mumford and Sons
“Diamonds in the Sun,” by Girish

Julz Arney’s Musical Picks

Dance-Style Tracks
“Fuego,” by Pitbull
“Supersonic,” by J.J. Fad

Cycling Tracks
“I’m Still Hot,” by Luciana

“One Way or Another,” by One Direction

Yoga Tracks
“Love and Happiness,” by Al Green
“Come on Get Higher,” by Matt Nathanson

To read the full article from the September 2013 issue of the IDEA Fitness Journal click here.

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