A flag made of weighted fabric is the main prop in Flag Dancing. Offered at Philadelphia Sports Clubs, the class takes participants through a choreographed dance routine set to upbeat club music. The goal is to target the muscles of the shoulders and upper back while having fun.

The New York Health & Racquet Club in New York City offers a workout called BodyWedge21 for all ages and fitness levels. The 45-minute class uses body weight as resistance and incorporates elements from yoga and Pilates. Students perform 21 exercises—with 21 repetitions per set—on a wedge-shaped piece of vinyl-covered foam.

SWERVE Studios in West Hollywood, California, gets members moving with Yoga Booty Ballet, which blends yoga with muscle sculpting and “ties it all together with a graceful ballet bow.”

Mind-body meets the water in The 4 Sea-Zens, a class created by Lawrence Biscontini, MA, the 2004 IDEA Fitness Instructor of the Year. This “circuit journey” adapts Feldenkrais, yoga, tai chi and Pilates for the water. Harmony, form, endurance and balance are the themes for this class, which also adds seasonal elements for a creative twist.

Participants get in touch with their elementary-school recess memories in Dodge Ball 101. Offered at Crunch gym’s SOHO location in New York City, the class includes a “gym-style warm-up,” three to five rounds of dodge ball (yes, the actual game), a focus section on abdominal training and a final stretch. n