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Sample Classes

Sample Class: Core Storm™

By Tim Borys | January 31, 2004 |

Many facilities offer some type of “core” or “functional” training circuit classes. While these may meet club members’ demands, instructors don’t always have formal knowledge of their subject. This can be detrimental. A successful circuit is designed with a goal in mind, and the exercises should reflect this. It is also important to consider participants’…

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Building Socialization Into Choreography

By Ken Alan | August 31, 2003 |

Creative choreography is both an art and a science. It can even act as a catalyst for social connections in older-adult classes. As participants age, developing new friendships can be difficult. People want to connect to other people—and group exercise provides this connection. Choreography is a perfect vehicle for social growth as well as physical…

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Find Your Balance With the BOSU® Balance Trainer

By IDEA Authors | March 31, 2003 |

No two ways about it: Functional balance training is hot. This progressive concept has permeated all aspects of fitness, sports and elite athletic training and often brings with it a prop or two. Whether you are the type of person who hops on the balance trainer without a second thought or the type who prefers…

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Ankle Flexion and Extension

By Sue Hitzmann, MS | February 1, 2003 |

Because the ground constantly has variables, human feet need to adapt to their interface with it immediately on contact. In normal function and anatomical position, the ankle joint has extension (dorsiflexion) and flexion (plantar flexion). All other movements in the ankle region are created by the foot’s dynamic joint structure. The ankle is composed of…

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BOSU Workout

By Douglas Brooks, MS | January 31, 2003 |

You’ve probably seen it and even tried some moves on it within the past year, but have you considered the functional training implications of the little blue half-dome called BOSU? If you haven’t, it may be time to invest a bit of brain power to customize a program for yourself and those clients who say…

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Double Trouble: Partner Training

By Aileen Sheron | June 30, 2002 |

How would you like to increase the popularity of your classes? Do you also want to teach in an environment in which you and your students feel challenged and enthusiastic and share a great sense of accomplishment and belonging? The “Double Trouble” paired-training concept can help you achieve these goals. In this innovative workout, participants pair off and train together, often sharing the same piece of exercise equipment and raising each other’s motivation to new heights!

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Big Bang Exercises

By Paul Chek | March 31, 2001 |

Your participants rush to the gym in the early morning,
during their lunch hour or after work, desperately trying to stay fit, keep the fat off or simply feel better about their bodies. Pressed for time and wanting results, many exercisers are after something new—an exercise that delivers more or is better than other exercises.

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