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Sample Classes


Beating the holiday bulge

By IDEA Authors | May 7, 2007 |

The temperature's dropping, the leaves are turning, and you're about to face another season of creeping holiday pudge. It starts out slow, but after a few months of nibbles–Halloween candy, Thanksgiving stuffing, classroom party treats, and all those delicious holiday desserts–most folks pile on 7 to 10 pounds.But there's a way to ward off the "holiday 10" befor…

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Sample Class: Sweet Sixteen

By Jennifer Renfroe | April 30, 2007 |

Are you looking for a new way to motivate your step participants? Take it to the next level by using 16-count combinations in your next class. These options are fun, fast and functional. You can insert them
between blocks of 32-count combinations, giving your class a new feel, or teach them as stand-alone choreography. From dance-based to athletic, these short combos provide a challengi…

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Inspired Ideas

By Joy Keller | April 30, 2007 |

Isis Yoga in Burnsville, Minnesota, offers Wise Woman Yoga to its clientele. The class is for “those fabulous women, 40 and over, who are so busy they might not take time for themselves.” The session is for all levels and body types and is focused on learning the basics, gaining flexibility and increasing energy level.
IDEA member Barbara Wintroub,
director of…

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Sample Class: Nekkid Water Fitness

By Bethany Diamond | March 31, 2007 |

“Nekkid Water Fitness” is a fun-based format designed to accommodate an apparently healthy population in shallow water. The class uses traditional and nontraditional exercises to achieve both cardiovascular and muscular strength and endurance. Absolutely no equipment is needed. Enlist your imagination, and bring your own style and expertise to the workout. Bottom line? This cl…

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Creative Classes That Inspire

By Joy Keller | March 31, 2007 |

Pilates Your Way in Madison, Wisconsin, combines Pilates principles with cardiovascular training in its Piladio class. “We have a number of combinations,” says owner Mike Head. “The two favorites are kickboxing and hip-hop. We also offer a boot camp option and basically any kind of cardio our clients want to mix with Pilates.” The cardio portion is performed…

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Central Moves

By June Kahn | February 28, 2007 |

The core holds the body in alignment and allows the extremities to move in a more efficient and effective manner. Pilates helps increase core strength and stabilization by creating simultaneous demands for strength and flexibility. The result:
enhanced movement quality. The body moves the way it was designed to move. The following exercises move progressively from one movement pattern t…

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Sample Class: Kickbox Boot Camp

By Kimberly Spreen | February 28, 2007 |

“Kickbox Boot Camp” is a time-efficient, interval-style workout that yields great results. Cardio kickboxing drills and combinations improve aerobic endurance and burn calories. Athletic drills—incorporated as short bursts—challenge the body anaerobically. The finishing touch is a strength training segment that targets large muscle groups and improves muscular endu…

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Creative Classes That Spark Inspiration

By Joy Keller | February 28, 2007 |

To help its members unwind during the 2006 holiday season, Neighborhood Pilates NYC introduced DeStress December. According to IDEA member Lauren Rosenfeld, the class taught basic breathing and relaxation techniques. In addition, participants learned how to use aromatherapy, music and visualization to help calm themselves and center their bodies.
On a s…

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Movement Menu

By Joy Keller | December 31, 2006 |

Les Mills International has added BODYVIVE™ to its range of group fitness programs. Geared for Baby Boomers, BODYVIVE™ is a low-impact, 55-minute class that incorporates cardiovascular activity, strength, stability, stretching and mobility work. Sessions incorporate balls and bands to exercise the body in different ways and with various intensities…

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Sample Class: Ready, Set, Roll!

By Carol Murphy | December 31, 2006 |

Whether your fitness facility is in New York City or Flowery Branch, Georgia, chances are you have ready access to a collection of stability balls. Instead of watching them roll around like oversized marbles in an empty room, why not use them for a great group fitness offering?
“Ready, Set, Roll” is a stability ball circuit class designed to help participants develop str…

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Injury Prevention: Group Strength

By Leigh Crews | October 31, 2006 |

Strength training has long been a popular component of group fitness programs. With a wide variety of styles to choose from, participation is high. According to the 2006 IDEA Fitness Programs & Equipment Survey, 77% of respondents reported offering group strength training clas…

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Sample Class: Body Circuit

By Eve Fleck, MS | September 30, 2006 |

Do you work at a facility on a tight budget, or are you just looking for a creative new way to teach a challenging class? Don’t forget that your own body can be a valuable piece of equipment for both cardiovascular and strength training. Used effectively, body weight can provide optimal functional resistance for anaerobic interval training.
Anaerobic training is an essential c…

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Stand Up Strong

By Eve Fleck, MS | June 30, 2006 |

A strong and stable core is the best foundation for improved strength, endurance, balance and agility. No matter what type of class you teach, you’ll enhance the experience by helping students engage their cores more effectively. These simple exercises can be used in any type of class because they’re performed while standing and do not require equipment. Try them in your warm-up …

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Funky Step Beginnings

By Kim Miller | June 30, 2006 |

Want to get your classes started with high energy and fun, but not sure how to make it happen? Light the fire with this funky, straightforward step combination. How do you add funk? Use snaps, claps, shimmies, and hip and body rolls to jazz up traditional moves. Don’t forge…

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Go With the Flow

By Kimberly Spreen | June 30, 2006 |

We want every class we teach to be well-rounded and efficient, and yet we often shortchange participants by neglecting the much-needed cool-down/flexibility segment. Let your students know how important it is to gradually cool the body. Keep them focused all the way to the end with creative variety. The following cool-down keeps things interesting by combining rhythmic movement, balance a…

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Sample Class: Riding the Wind

By Becky Langton, MA | April 30, 2006 |

Have you been looking for a way to challenge and prepare your indoor cycling class for a lively outdoor group-ride pace? “Riding the Wind” is perfect. This class is designed to increase the total capacity or gear you’re able to maintain without becoming overly anaerobic. It’s based on the fundamentals of the fartlek (a Swedish term meaning “speed play”) in…

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Spin the Globe

By Lawrence Biscontini, MA | March 31, 2006 |

In 2005, I took time away from Puerto Rico’s Golden Door Spa (during a busy hurricane season!) to check out the state of fitness in a few different countries. In addition to varied tastes in programming, one common theme I noticed was the concept of large “expo” events for both fitness professionals and consumers. Instructors attend sessions with their regular…

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