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Sample Classes

Sample Class

Check out this great sample class from the IDEA Article Archive on capitalizing on the versatility of the stability ball while providing a fun, total-body workout.&n…

A High School Pilates Program: Mat Pilates

This program is intended to be taught by certified Pilates instructors only! 
STOTT PILATES preferred, but could easily be modified for other methods.
1.Participate in a strengthening, toning and increased flexibility exercise program.
2.Become familiar with Pilates,…

Fitness ABCS

Kids just want to have fun and it is possible to show them how to enjoy exercise while improving their health and fitness.  A Fitness “ABCS” class will include the fundamentals of fitness as well as the following components:

Agility, Balance, Coordination and Strength training drills
Introduction to the basic components of fitness—cardiova…

Boxing Fitness for CHAMPS

These exercise drills and combos provide an interesting way to challenge the students’ body-mind and motor skills. They can be done in any setting with or without any boxing equipment. This is a fun and vigorous class exercise appropriate for 5th graders (10 year olds) and up.

A NO CONTACT program.
The drills incorporate total cardiovascular conditioning…

Sample Class: Mindful Fusion Fitness

The popularity of yoga and Pilates has
spawned several fun and effective fusion offerings. This particular class,
“Mindful Fusion Fitness,” uses “traditional” fitness-based exercises as the
foundation and then layers on Pilates moves and yoga postures. This approach
allows instructors and participants to begin with familiar exerc…

Circuit for Short Attention Spans

A circuit-style format is very effective with kids. They can always look ahead to the next station to remind themselves what comes next, and if they don’t like a particular station they know it’s over in a minute. This will keep their attention and focus on the task at hand. By having activities that switch every minute, the class is quicker than a music video and almost as fast as the Internet! …

Sample Class: Athletic Boot Camp

Boot camp classes are a great way to add variety, style and intensity to your schedule. Members love this format; they can work at their own pace without feeling that they are out of step with the music or other participants. Classes are easy and fun to teach, and you don’t need a lot of equipment. And almost all the exercises are modifiable, so you can increase or decrease the challenge …

Sample Class

Check out this great sample class
from the IDEA Article Archive on turning your participants into athletes with sports conditioning drills. As an IDEA member, all of t…

Teaching Restorative Yoga

Students come to a restorative class to let go of the stresses of everyday life—including the need to do things right and the constant pressure to improve or to achieve. The teacher who understands that motivation can provide

Sample Class

Check out this great sample class
from the IDEA Article Archive on resisted core training! As an IDEA e-member, all of the sample programs in our archive are free to you!

Sample Class: One-Step, Two-Step

The start of the new year is a great time to add a new twist or two on an old standard like step training. “One-Step, Two-Step” is an interactive workout that combines motivational partner training with creative double-step choreography to bring new enthusiasm to step workouts. What better way to stay inspired than by working out with a partner when New Year’s resolutions ebb? div class=”su…

Sample Class

Check out this great sample class
from the IDEA Article Archive on fine…

Flex & Relax

Are you interested in exploring moves but not ready to teach an entire class of them? Cool-downs are a great opportunity to introduce mindful exercises to students. The following movements will increase flexibility and help students feel relaxed as they head back into the “real world” outside the group exercise room. Connection TransitionThe cool-down slowly…

Body Circuit

Do you work at a facility on a tight budget, or are you just looking for a creative new way to teach a challenging class? Don’t forget that your own body can be a valuable piece of equipment for both cardiovascular and strength training. Used effectively, body weight can provide optimal functional resistance for anaerobic interval training. Anaerobic training is an essential compon…

Postpartum Exercise

Regular participation in a pre/postnatal exercise program has many benefits for a woman. Research has demonstrated that pregnant and postpartum women who exercise at a mild to moderate intensity at least three times per week experience increased cardiovascular fitness, improved well-being, reduced constipation, fewer leg cramps and a quicker return to prepregnancy weight compared with their non…

Injury Prevention for Triathletes

Are you intrigued by the idea of participating in a triathlon, but concerned about injuring yourself since you’re new to the sport? If so, consider these suggestions from Catherine Logan, MSPT, a physical therapist, certified personal trainer and Pilates instructor at Sports and Physical Therapy Associates in Boston. 1. Appropriate Preparation To wa…

Partner Exercises

In today’s society, people struggle to find enough time to complete work-related projects, enjoy their loved ones and also take good care of themselves. A personal fitness trainer (PFT) who can demonstrate to clients that they can spend quality time with their sweetie or friends while helping each other stay healthy and fit will be in high demand! Partner training is more economical f…

Sample Class

Sample Class!

Check out this great a href=”https://www.ideafit.com/idea_m…

Sample Class: Aqua Dance

Are you looking for a new way to add spice to your water fitness program? Try adding dance elements. Aqua Dance captivates the joy of movement and the expression of life t…

Sample Class

Check out this great sample class
from the IDEA Article Archive on using medicine balls to teach control and awareness! As an IDEA member, all of the sample classes in our archive are free to you!! …

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