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Sample Classes

A Choreographed Cool-Down

We put a lot of effort into the main part of choreography classes, but what about the cool-down? It’s more than just a time to catch your breath and fly over some basic stretches. Take a moment to make the cool-down a creative part of your class. One way to do this is to choreograph a known song—old or new. A good example is “Dancing Queen,” a popular ABBA song and a recent hit from the musical Mamma Mia! The following is set to the soundtrack of the Broadway musical (Act 1, track 7).

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Sample Pilates Exercise: Single Leg Stretch

The following exercise is taken from the STOTT PILATES® Comprehensive Matwork Manual.

Target Muscles: transversus abdominis to compress abdomen and stabilize lumbo-pelvic region; deep pelvic floor to aid in firing transversus; rectus abdominis and obliques to sustain thoracic flexion and pelvic stability; obliques and multifidus specifically to prevent rocking of pelvis against reciprocal leg movement; hip flexors eccentrically as leg reaches away and concentrically as leg returns; scapular stabilizers.

The Empowerment Series: Lesson One, Staying Grounded

The benefits of yoga go beyond more flexible hamstrings, a stronger core, or less back pain. Yoga has the power to make you more resilient to stress. It reminds you of your inner strength. It can give you back a sense of joy and purpose in your life.

Sample Class: Pool Circuits for Older Adults

Water fitness classes have grown in popularity and creativity over the past 20 years. What started off as something more or less for older, less fit women has developed into a recognized form of fitness training for the superfit exerciser, the athlete recovering from injury, the older adult with a chronic condition or the person who simply enjoys how forgiving the water environment can be to joints. The pool is also a terrific environment for circuit and interval classes.

Core 360º

Integrating core moves can be challenging, given all the other work that needs to be done in a 45- to 60-minute class. Sometimes instructors skip core training or inadvertently leave it out because of time…

A Yoga Sequence for Runners

Kristi Peacock, a 23-year-old account executive in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida, was preparing for her first marathon. The intense training was strengthening her body but also taking a toll. As the miles racked up, so did the strain to her iliotibial band, Achilles tendons and back.

Sample Class: Fat-Free Step

Two decades after its introduction, step training remains a viable cardiovascular activity. Fitness centers worldwide continue to offer step on their schedules, it’s still a big draw at industry conventions, and thousands of videos posted on YouTube testify that it is thriving.

Sample Class:Roll With It, Baby!

Classes that use the foam roller have evolved over the past few years. With a little creativity, this piece of equipment—which comes in several varieties, from cylindrical to flat-bottomed—offers functional programming opportunities. Workout possibilities include…

Pilates Workout: The Magic Circle

First created and named by Joseph Pilates himself, the “magic circle” remains a versatile and highly effective tool for today’s Pilates practitioners. Space-efficient and transportable, it is an ideal small-equipment option for personal trainers and…

Sample Class: Pilates 50/50

Pilates 50/50 is a combination class that fuses lower-body standing moves with mat exercises for a balanced mind-body experience that emphasizes Pilates principles. By moving Pilates into a vertical position, you bring a more functional experience to participants while continuing to offer the key elements of core control and optimal spinal alignment. The standing work is also a great way to warm the entire body for more effective spinal movement during the mat exercises.

Sample Class: Cycle Diversion

If your cycling participants spend more time gazing at the clock than they do “shifting gears,” you’ll love this class. The Cycle Diversion format doesn’t give them time to be bored. This class is broken down into three segments to stimulate participants’ imagination, challenge them physically and keep them on their toes.

Cycle Diversion Details

Format: cross-training (mix of timed intervals, competitive racing, climbing and tempo riding)
Total Time: approximately 60 minutes

Off-the-Chart Classes

MVP Athletic Club in Rockford, Michigan, offers Back Splash for members who have issues with back pain. According to the online schedule, this aquatic-based class is designed “for the individual with a history of back…

Audio Asana Clinic: Dhanurasana (Bow Pose)

When you understand the different actions and intentions of a pose, it’s easy to develop a sequence that offers every person in a mixed-levels class the opportunity to experience some of the benefits of a pose—while also providing adaptations that take into account common injuries or limitations.

Sample Class: Buff Bodz ‘n’ Little Bodz

A great way to draw parents into your group exercise studio more often is to provide innovative opportunities for parent-and-child “quality time.” At Rome Athletic Club in Rome, Georgia, we offer “Buff Bodz ’n’ Little Bodz.” This class provides a moderate level of physical activity for parents and their children, while incorporating lots of giggles, cross-generational bonding and behavior modeling, plus a little mental exercise to boot.

Conscious Fusion Fitness

The popularity of yoga and Pilates has spawned several fun and effective fusion offerings. This particular class uses “traditional” fitness-based exercises as the foundation and then layers on Pilates moves and yoga postures. The design trains strength, balance and flexibility in a conscious manner.

Sample Class: Abdominal/Core Circuit

This versatile circuit class can be applied to groups of almost any size and fitness level and is limited only by your ability to organize, instruct and train.
Abdominal/Core Circuit Details

Format: a circuit that focuses on the abdominals and core
Total Time: approximately 30–40 minutes/…

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